• Auld Lang Syne, and all that stuff…

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    Wow, so here we are again.  It feels like I wrote the last New Year post just the other week. Seriously, 2015 has just flown by, and I have no doubts 2016 will do the same. But for me, 2015 has been kind and as we enter into the new year, I have two fabulous (if not busy) kids, my health, a home, and my dream job. I know this past year hasn’t been so kind to others, and I truly wish those people a happier new year.

    2015 has been a busy year. I released four novels, one novella, and three short stories for a total of 360,000 words.  I had six translated titles, and eight re-released books, which technically brings my total of “releases” to TWENTY-TWO!!


    And 2016 is going to be set a similar pace.  So far, I have planned a trilogy of novellas, ranging from 40,000 words to 50,000 words each, and a stand-alone novel which will probably exceed 80,000 words, and that’s just until June.  I’m yet to put the second half of the year into focus.  I also have at least five translations due in 2016 (French and Italian) and I’m hoping with all my might to finally get something done in audio this year.

    I’m also hoping to get to GRL this year. Eeeeek!

    Finally, I would like to sincerely wish all my readers a very happy New Year, and hope 2016 brings you good health and happiness.  I have loved interacting on social media with you, and have loved all the comments, reviews, pm’s and emails from each of you.

    See you all next year.  <3

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