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    Book #1 Frankie & Al

    Book #2 Ed & Marchant

    Book #3 Anthony & Leo

    Book #4 Jordan & Rhys

    Eight months after the assault in which his sub and lover was killed, Jordan Nicholls isn’t making much progress in his recovery. Marchant and Ed, Jordan’s friends from the BDSM club, stage an intervention.

    They employ a carer to look after Jordan. Rhys may be a sub, but he’s forceful, making Jordan eat and exercise rather than live on coffee and cigarettes. Despite Jordan’s protests, Rhys slowly forces him back to life.

    But Rhys wants to be Jordan’s sub, and despite being protective of Rhys, Jordan’s not sure he can ever return to the BDSM lifestyle. In order for their relationship to continue, they’ll need to find a compromise that meets both their needs.A Novella in Frankie’s Series


    Chapter 1

    Eight months later

    JORDAN SAT alone at the end of the bar, nursing a Coke and pretending not to notice his best friend, Tony, who was pushed up against the wall, his hands pressed flat against rough plaster as Leo kissed him.

    “Wishing it was you?” Marchant Belarus sat on the stool next to Jordan. He was the owner of the BDSM club and too fucking perceptive. There was nothing he didn’t see or interfere in when it came to his club.

    Jordan couldn’t take his gaze away from the couple, watching with a sad envy that didn’t come naturally to him. “Leo’s not my type.”

    His lame attempt at a joke fell flat when Marchant didn’t chuckle.

    “I never thought he’d be Tony’s, but look at them now.”

    Finally Tony had a Dom of his own, and he exuded happiness. Despite the fact that Leo was younger and shorter than Tony, it was clear who was dominant in their relationship. For the first time, Jordan saw Tony, watched how beautifully he submitted—and Jordan was too late.

    “Tony waited for years for you to notice him,” Marchant said quietly.

    “You think I didn’t know that? I just thought…. Leo’s better for him than I am.” Jordan turned his head as Tony sank to his knees. The couple weren’t bothered by an audience. They never seemed to notice anyone else when they were in a scene. Jordan gave Marchant a wan smile. “What do you want? Apart from reminding me what I’ve lost.”

    “Ed’s worried about you. He sent me to talk to you.”

    “I’m fine.” Jordan gritted his teeth as Marchant raised an eyebrow. Could you raise a derisive eyebrow? Marchant possessed eyebrows that conducted whole conversations, particularly when he thought someone was being an arse. “It’s taking time.”

    Marchant patted his back, not requiring more explanation. It had been eight months since Jordan had been badly injured in an assault in which his sub, Mike, had been killed. Jordan was still recovering from the physical injuries, and the mental trauma was like a scar to his soul. Once outgoing and gregarious, now Jordan shuffled through the day, feeling like he was wrapped in layers of gray wool that muffled him from the outside world. Marchant’s sub, Ed, had once told Jordan that he breathed for the first time the day he met Marchant. Jordan had stopped breathing the day three drunk thugs used their fists to tear his world apart.

    Jordan swallowed hard at the memory, and then he noticed Marchant had put his arm around him and Tony was pressed against him, also holding him. Solid walls of men hemmed him in, made him feel safe.


    Tony gently swiped a tear from Jordan’s face. Jordan hadn’t even realized he was crying, but his nose was blocked and his throat tight. He rested his head on Tony’s chest and let the tears flow.

    Finally he raised his head, suddenly feeling claustrophobic. “Shit, I’m sorry, Tony. You—”

    “Shut up.” Tony hugged him even tighter.

    “Get off.” Jordan tried to bat them away. “Christ, you’re going to suffocate me.”

    They stepped back, to his relief, but they didn’t leave his side—which was also a relief, even if he’d never admit it.

    “Why don’t you go upstairs for a while?” Marchant said. “Ed’s working, and the place is empty.”

    Jordan pushed back his hair, grimacing at the greasy feel. He’d let himself go recently, finding even washing his hair was a battle. His arm had taken a long time to heal, and he struggled with even basic motor skills.

    “I’ll go home before I make a bigger idiot of myself.” He loved his friends, but suddenly their concern was too much. It pressed down on him, and he needed to get away.

    “I’ll run you home,” Tony said, looking over to Leo to check if it was all right.

    “It’s okay, I can get the bus.” Jordan hadn’t been able to drive since the assault. A blow to the head had left him with intermittent seizures in the early stages, and he was banned from driving for a year.

    “I’ll drive Mr. Jordan home.”

    Jordan turned to look at the unknown speaker. He was young and slim, maybe Leo’s age, maybe younger, with a shock of dark hair that looked as if he’d stuck his finger in an electrical socket.

    “Thanks, but I’m okay.”

    “Sorted,” Marchant said with satisfaction. “Jordan, this is Rhys. He’s new to the club. Thank you, Rhys.”


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  • Cover Reveal: The Rogue Wolf by Sue Brown

    The Rogue Wolf

    The third of Sue Brown’s Sapphire Ranch Wolves series is out on November 13th. Here is the cover made by the very talented Meredith Russell.

    Blurb: Owen was a bitter lone wolf, thrown out by his pack and left scarred by his wolf for arguing with his alpha. He’d spent six years alone, sometimes working as a day labourer, sometimes living for months as a wolf. By the time he reached Texas he was weak and desperate to hunt. As Owen hunted for prey on the borders of Sapphire Ranch he was shocked to meet two wolves from his former pack. He ran from them only to smell a rich scent filling his senses. Then he was cornered, trapped by a human, and Owen realised to his horror that the delicious scent belonged to the man pointing a gun right between his eyes.


    Also available from Love Lane Books: The Last Wolf and The Hidden Wolf