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Happy Saturday everyone!!

Today, I have the very lovely AJ Jarrett on my blog to celebrate release day of her newest book!!

A big hello to everyone! First off I’d like to thank NR for having me today. It’s a pretty big day for me. The Alpha’s Captive releases today and it’s the first in my new series with Siren, the Nehalem Pack.

The idea for this series came about after speaking with my publisher and taking their advice on what I should focus on. It wasn’t a hardship on my part. I love stories set in the paranormal word and my favorite paranormal beings has to be werewolves. I feel they are the sexiest most alluring creatures to read, and to be honest, daydream about.

Beings as it’s a Saturday I’ll keep this short and sweet. I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the weekend and thank you again NR for having me!
Hunters have taken everything from Devon Carsten. First, they murdered his parents, and now they’ve taken his brother. With no other options left, Devon decides an eye for an eye, or in this case a brother for a son, is the best course of action, and he takes the son of the man who kidnapped his brother. But his plan blows up in his face when he realizes the man in question is his mate.
Aiden Stefano never imagined a weekend at home would start off with him being kidnapped by men claiming to be werewolves or that he would fall for one. Now he must find a way to convince Devon what they share is worth fighting for and prove to his father that wolves aren’t the monsters he believes them to be. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?
Aiden is the only thing Devon has to bargain with, but can he give up his mate to save his brother?

Adult Excerpt

Aiden pulled one hand free and placed a finger under Devon’s chin lifting up until the man met his eyes. “I don’t blame you.” Aiden’s voice trailed off. Devon was a wolf and his father a hunter, and apparently he hunted these beings and kidnapped them, but for what? Devon wasn’t some ravenous beast when in wolf form, so why would his dad waste his time?

“Thank you.” Devon brushed a kiss across his lips, and Aiden sighed into the moistness of Devon’s mouth. With his hands free, Aiden was finally able to wrap his arms around Devon’s shoulders. The kiss deepened, and Devon tugged him closer. Aiden dug his fingers into the hard muscle lining Devon’s shoulder, trying to climb the man. Devon worked his thigh between Aiden’s, and he started to rub his hardness on the firm muscle.

His orgasm played right beneath the surface of his skin. Sweat broke out across his face, and he pushed harder against Devon’s leg. The rough, dry grind just added to his enjoyment. A bolt of electricity shot through his body and out his dick. Gooey warmth wetted the front of his pants, and he panted for breath as his body trembled out of control.

Aiden took several deep breaths. He buried his head into Devon’s chest, too embarrassed to look at the man who just made him come so hard he saw stars.

“Hey what’s wrong, hon?” Devon took a step back, trying to get Aiden to look at him.

“I’m mortified,” Aiden mumbled. “I’ve never done anything like this before, and it was over before it even began.” He pouted, but he couldn’t help it. He’d kissed a few guys but that was it.

“You’ve never done this or anything before?” Devon asked, his fingers tightening on Aiden’s arms.

“Nothing.” Aiden peeked up at Devon through his bangs. “I’ve just never got around to you know.” He gestured with his hands, unable to vocalize his thoughts.

“Sex.” A smile lit up Devon’s face like a firecracker.

“It’s not funny.” Aiden smacked at Devon’s bare chest. “It’s a big deal to me. I wanted to wait until I met someone special.”

Devon placed both hands on his face, urging Aiden to look at him. “I’m glad you waited for me.”

Devon dropped a kiss to Aiden’s lips. Any protest that he should have been making fell silent. Devon walked him backward until the back of Aiden’s legs hit the mattress. They stumbled back and fell onto the soft bed. Aiden could feel his cock starting to stir again as Devon’s heated body moved over his.

One more searing kiss to his mouth then Devon moved lower, stopping to tease Aiden’s pebbled nipples. Aiden gasped and squirmed at the contact. He never realized how sensitive his nipples were before. It was as if a direct line ran from his nipples to his cock, causing it to fill and lie hard against his stomach.

Aiden fisted his hands in the blanket by his head, unsure what to do. His body wanted Devon to take that luscious mouth lower until it wrapped around his dick. Aiden had never gotten this far before, but he’d seen enough porn to know what would happened next, and he wanted Devon to kiss his throbbing shaft.

“Dear God, Devon,” Aiden cried out.

Devon chuckled against his stomach as he worked his way down. “For a virgin, you’re awfully loud.”

Aiden didn’t respond, he just thrust his hips upward to rub his cock against any part of Devon’s body he could find. Devon’s tongue trailed a wet line down his stomach and traced around his navel. He placed openmouthed kisses along the waist of Aiden’s pants then sat back on his haunches. Aiden’s abdomen quivered as Devon ran his fingertips across his stomach before he worked his fingers underneath the material and pulled Aiden’s pants down. Devon stared at him with an evil grin on his lips as he yanked his pants the rest of the way off.

He felt exposed and moved to cover his erect cock. Devon pushed his hands away and moved to hover over him. “Don’t hide from me.” He kissed Aiden’s neck. “You have the most stunning body I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re just saying that.” Aiden gasped as Devon sucked a mark on his neck. All the air in his lungs rushed out when Devon lowered his body to lie on top of his. The heavy, hot length of his cock burned against his own.

“Do you still think I’m just trying to be nice?” Devon circled his hips for good measure, smearing his pre-cum along Aiden’s length.

“Devon,” Aiden moaned as he grabbed for purchase on Devon’s shoulders. “Make love to me.”

Aiden’s body tensed as Devon ran the back of his fingers down the length of his cock then began to tease the skin behind his balls. This was it. For the first time in his life he was about to let another man enter his body. He was excited, but doubt started to plague his mind. Aiden wanted Devon in the worst way but he didn’t want to be tossed aside afterwards or once Devon got his brother back. “Where did you go?” Devon asked. 

“I…I…” Aiden couldn’t find the words to explain. He didn’t want to insult Devon by assuming what they were about to do meant more than it really did. “I’m fine. Let’s just do this.” He ran his fingers through Devon’s hair and tugged him down, kissing him long and hard. Aiden threw caution to the wind and turned himself completely over to Devon, heart and soul. He could always pick the pieces of his broken heart up after Devon left him because eventually he would. Devon never promised him anything beyond tonight.

Author Bio:

AJ Jarrett currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. A lover of M/M romances, she has started writing her own stories for others to enjoy. She loves her characters to be antagonistic toward one another but ultimately find their happy ever after. She believes love can be found in the craziest of places and a little humor along the way never hurt. To her, there’s nothing sexier than two men finding their soul mate and falling in love. When she isn’t chasing around her kids, she can be found sitting on the couch with her trusted laptop giving life to the voices in her head.

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