Release dates!!

Have I told you how  much I love my new publisher?? 

Total e-Bound have truly been so very helpful. They know I’m a little gun-shy when it comes to publishers and contracts now and they have honestly been so nice about all my questions and concerns. 

I love them.

Okay, so I was looking for some cute love-group-hug gif to go here and an hour later I’m tumblr’ing in QaF and Torchwood gifs. *shrugs*  Jack and Ianto kissing gifs will win over a love-group-hug gif. Every time. JSYK.

I have some (tentative) dates for my books!!!

POINT OF NO RETURN, preorder date 24th June
ELEMENTS OF RETROFIT, preorder date 26th August
TAXES AND TARDIS, preorder date 21st October
THREE’S COMPANY, preorder date 2nd December

And all the sequels, to Point of No Return and Thomas Elkin, will be released when they can be fit in accordingly. 

For every one who has emailed me, pm’d me, messaged me, asking about release dates… Now I haz them!  

Will post more info when I have it!!  

Hope everyone has a GREAT Easter!  

I’m also participating in RJ Scott’s April blog hop, so I’ll see you again soon!!  


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