Nagron + obsession = fanfic

Yep, I wrote a fanfic.

Given my obsession with Spartacus and Nagron, it was only ever a matter of time, really.  I thought I’d left the wonderful realms of fanfic, but apparently not.  During my I-think-I-broke-my-brain lapse – and my inability to focus on any of my WIP’s – I wrote a little story in the Spartacus world of Agron and Nasir.

It was stress-free writing, but still allowing words to flow and for me to flex some muscles I’d thought long forgotten.  I think I could be ready to start on my other stories again… fingers crossed, anyway.

The link to the story is  Remaining Days


At the end of War of the Damned, final episode Victory, Agron and Nasir walked into a new life. This is a continuation – two months after burying Spartacus, they find themselves in the lands East of the Rhine, in a place they might call home.

It is canon, so if you’ve not seen the show the story might not make a great deal of sense.  

Now for some pic spam (I don’t own these, or make them. I give full credit to the awesome people who did).  I got them from my tumblr dash, so please feel free to check it out and the amazing people who post their work <3   Tumblr link

Some Nagron love…

tumblr_mqeq46VkrV1rvecw0o7_250     tumblr_mqeq46VkrV1rvecw0o5_250

nagron 3

One of my favourite scenes…  so much is unsaid *sigh*

Some Agron profile/neck porn… because JFC… 


Some Agron sigh… because he’s the master of snark.

Agron sigh 1     agron wtf1

agron wtf    

tumblr_mqcvpnEyve1qfcvcuo2_250 (1)

 The most awful of scenes…

agron crucified 1  agron crucified 3 agron crucified   agron crucified 4


dan no h8

Thanks to all who’ve read my little fanfic already, and thanks to all the amazing people who have shared kind words during my little hiatus. I love you all more than words can say.  <3 

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  • nicstar000

    Absolutely love this post! I am supposed to be working but saw the title and couldn’t resist taking a peak. Thanks for sharing – the gifs are just beautiful. I have to spend the night preparing a presentation for tomorrow so will save reading the fan fic until tomorrow night as my reward! 🙂

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