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I’ve known the lovely LJ Harris for a few years, and if memory serves correctly, it was her that urged me to join facebook back in my fanfic writing days.  So it’s an absolute pleasure to have her on my blog today! 


Welcome! Another (awesome) Aussie in our midst! Tell us about you!

Well I’m a mother and wife. I live and work in Canberra, and enjoy going to the movies and more than anything sitting down to a good book.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing seriously for the past 4 years now. Up until then I only wrote a little poetry once in a while.

How did you find the m/m genre?

I’d never read anything until about 3 years ago when I came across a story about a gay guy who set himself the challenge of going after straight men exclusively, and the moment I read it, I was hooked. I haven’t looked back since.

What do you like to read when you’re not writing?

Oh definitely reading. Nothing pleases me more than immersing myself in a world of someone else’s creation. I also play a mean game of poker and have won an occasional freeroll tournament in my time.

Tell us three random facts about you that your readers don’t know.

I’m a sucker for cheesy 80’s movies – you know the ones. 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club.

I have zero patience. Seriously, I don’t even have time to squeeze the toothpaste to the top of the tube some days.

I’m allergic to horses, dogs, cats, and I have come to discover, buffalo. We were at a restaurant that had a buffalo head on the wall right near our table, and I couldn’t stop sneezing and wheezing lol.

Tell us all about your book Heart of Glass, and where can people find it? Where can we find you? (amazon links, GR links, blog link etc)

When I decided to submit a short story as part of the Second Chances anthology, I wanted to come up with characters that had lead lives that weren’t necessarily what they’d envisioned, but had instead ended up with due to circumstance.

Here are the details:

Heart of Glass

Published by

Bottom Drawer Publications




Days after arriving in Australia for a working holiday, Zack Doherty is blindsided by the connection he instantly feels to Heath Connors, but circumstances don’t work in their favour. Zack is uncharacteristically forward in pushing Heath to accept a date when fate gives him a second opportunity.

Heath has only recently had the courage to admit his true self, walking away from his marriage and a good job when he could no longer lie to himself. The attraction he feels for a stranger that fleetingly crossed his path confirms he made the right choice.

Will Zack be the one to mend Heath’s heart of glass?



Zack Doherty

IT WAS EARLY on Friday morning, and I was beat. Ever since I’d touched down in Sydney on Tuesday, I’d been sleeping during the day and lying awake at night, having not quite adjusted to the time difference. Although the jet lag was literally killing me, I needed to start the newest phase of my life, and my first plan of action was to get the hell out of bed and look for a job.

I already missed the life I’d built back in San Francisco—my family and friends, even my crappy job at a local bar I’d taken after cutbacks forced me to leave the job I loved.  But after suffering a bad break-up with Trent Forster, the man I thought I’d one day marry until I found him in bed with his ex-boyfriend, I had needed a little time and a lot of space to rethink the direction my life was headed.

It had been more than six months since that day, yet I still hadn’t managed to move on. Everywhere I’d looked, Trent had been there; our social circles colliding so often that his and his lover’s presence had worn me down. Eventually deciding enough was enough, I’d packed my bags, my tail tucked firmly between my legs, and departed for Australia for a working holiday, leaving behind the only life I’d ever known.

My father had returned here to Canberra, south-west of Sydney, the place he was born, when I’d moved out of the house to finish college, a year or so after he and Mom divorced. I was looking forward to not only making a fresh start but also reconnecting with him, having only managed to visit a mere handful of times since he’d returned here ten long years ago. I was giving myself six months to find a job, and if I liked it, I’d probably end up extending my stay and finding a place of my own.

Dad had returned to the job he loved since coming home. It was the very same job he’d had when he first met Mom—working in public affairs for the US Embassy—and it kept him extremely busy. So busy, in fact, that he rarely had the opportunity to take his beloved Mustang out for a spin, especially since the Embassy provided him with a car for work purposes. I’d only been in the house for a few minutes when he handed me the keys to the Candy Apple Red ’67 Fastback, telling me it needed to be driven around town from time to time to keep it in running order.

After a quick reviving shower and shave, I grabbed the car keys from the dish on the sideboard, happy that I finally had the chance to oblige him.

It had been five years since I’d sat behind the wheel of this particular vehicle. No matter how many times I opened the door and jumped in, the familiar smell of tobacco, mint, and leather never failed to invoke many happy memories … so many, in fact, that I had a hard time keeping a smile off my face whenever I slipped into the driver’s seat and turned the key.

But when I decided to go for a drive and check out Dad’s place of work, stopping off at the store on the way to buy a newspaper so I could check out the local job market, I thanked the gods for their gift, because if not for my father’s generosity, I’d never have encountered … him.

He was washing car windows at the traffic lights. He was tall, tanned, and lean with broad shoulders. I could tell his hair was long, thick, and wavy by the wisps of light brown hair that peeked out every which way from underneath his black, woollen hat. A smattering of stubble across his jaw and his long, narrow nose enhanced his features perfectly, and when I caught sight of his bright blue eyes as he moved closer, the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen, roving over the entire car before they met with mine, I was hooked in an instant.

I had to suppress a laugh when I noticed he was wearing one of those god-awful green glow-in-the-dark vests, and as he stood there, holding a squeegee in his hand and looking at me like I was something to eat, a strange but exhilarating combination of embarrassment and elation flowed through my every cell. Even as the light turned green and the traffic began to move, I continued to devour every inch of him. Shooting him a nervous wink for good measure, I watched as he turned and walked away, his ass swaying hypnotically with every step he took. It was in that moment as I sat there, ogling the most handsome man I’d ever laid eyes on, that I felt as though I’d been struck by lightning.

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