elementsofretrofit_thumbnail Well, release day is almost upon us, and I’m really excited for the world to meet Tom and Cooper.    Elements of Retrofit is a story of Gen X meets Gen Y – and neither of these men are prepared for what they find in the other.  Forty-four year old Thomas Elkin is the epitome of traditional architecture; strong foundations, defined by classic lines, sturdy.  Cooper Jones, on the other hand, is twenty-two, and the opposite of Tom. He’s modern, sleek, driven and demanding. They are also the perfect match.  The thing about a retrofit, is just how well the new blends with the already existing.  See how I didn’t use the word ‘old’ there?  Well, I figure I should go easy on Tom, considering Cooper gives him such a hard time… LOL

Definition of Elements of Retrofit.

Definition: Retrofit—To substitute new or modernized parts or systems for older equipment: fit in or on an existing structure, such as an older house; substitute new or modernised parts or equipment for older ones. Source:


The first in a three-part series, Elements of Retrofit introduces us to Tom and Cooper, and tells of these two men, despite their age differences, taking a chance on love.  Overcoming preconceived ideas that an age difference of 22 years is too much, they need to decide if what they have between them is worth the fight. 

So, to win a copy of Elements of Retrofit, tell me this:  

Would you date/shag/fall for someone who is TWENTY-TWO years older/younger than you?  I will be selecting a random winner who will receive a FREE copy.   I’m giving this little contest 48 hours.  I’ll be choosing a lucky person at approximately 9pm on Friday night (Sydney time). 

Who wants one of these?

I also have these little awesome Thomas Elkin calendar cards.  

business card frontbusiness card back

The size of a business card, they have the Elements of Retrofit cover on the front and the 2014 calendar on the back.  For the first THIRTY (30)  people to email me their address, I will post them one, anywhere in the world.  Please do NOT leave your email addy in the comments. All comments need to be approved by me before they’re displayed, but please, please don’t post any personal info online.   Instead, email me at  These will be posted at a time that is convenient and practical for me, and the postage time frame from Australia to the US or UK (as a guide) can take up to two weeks, so please be patient. 🙂

Here’s some more Cooper and Tom

Cooper Jones (2)
Cooper Jones
Thomas Elkin
Thomas Elkin
Tom and Cooper 1
Tom and Cooper


Tom and Cooper in NY
Lazy Sundays for Tom and Cooper

You can purchase Elements of Retrofit from the TEB site. Click HERE!

Thank you to all the readers who have stood by me and continue to support me and my writing. I am more grateful than you know.  


  • Nat

    Well, my boyfriend is 17 years older than me, and yes we dated, shagged, and fell for each other. I truly don’t think that age matters as long as the people involved love each other for the right reasons, and of course that the youngest person is sexually legal to make their own choices.

  • To

    Well my husband is 12 years younger and it’s never been a problem I live the older man/ younger man stories. I cannot wait to read it. I loved your stories since your twilight fanficion’s and I will read and love anything you write!!

  • chrysalis1975

    I would definitely date a man 22 years older than me 🙂 however, I’d probably not date a man 22 years younger, because I’m in my late 30s, so they’d still be in High School & I’d feel strange…

  • Emma (@_emma_ro)

    Well, I guess it would greatly depend on where I am in my life. I see nothing wrong with huge age gaps. My in-laws were 17 years apart. I would definitely be open to a relationship with someone 22 years older than me. Seeing as I’m still in my twentys, 22 years younger would not be possible (unethical, morally wrong, completely sick, and most definitely illegal… JS). But when I am older I’d be open to someone younger. If you find someone that loves you for who you are and you are happy, age should never stand in your way (again, only if it’s legal!)

    Also, just want to say this, I absolutely LOVE who you’ve chosen as your ‘cast’. Anderson Cooper is perfect. 🙂

    -Em xoxo

  • Beth marsh

    Yes …if my husband was 22 years older or younger than me or vice versa, I would still love him. It’s not the age, it’s the person. Your soul mate is your soul mate, period 🙂

  • Jay Northcote

    I don’t have an issue with age gaps. If I was single I’d definitely date or shag someone who was 22 years apart from me in age if I liked them. Honestly, I find it hard to imagine a long term relationship with someone that much younger or older though. I think it would be a challenge to overcome quite such a significant gap, but it can happen and I would be open to the possibility. Love has no limits!
    I can’t wait to read your new book 🙂

  • Debra E

    I have not problem with age gaps as long as each person is happy and in it for the right reasons. Not sure if I would personally be comfortable with that big an age gap. My husband is 5 years older than me and sometimes that is even more than enough. 🙂 Really looking forward to the new book.

  • fiordiligii

    Definitely yes, I am a sucker for May December romances, no matter if it’s a m/f or m/m pairing, though in the former I do prefer the men to be older (I know, I know, that’s a wee bit old-fashioned) *g*.

  • Violet Hour

    I have no problems with age differences provided both partners are fine with it. I wouldnt hesitate to have some fun with a guy half my age although I’d be a little more reticent about 22 years older as that would make him two years younger than my mother… yeah, no to that one! I’ll stick with cougarville!

  • Jamie Alluisi

    I’m not opposed to big age gaps in couples. And d would not be opposed to bang with someone 22 Years older or younger than myself. This doesnt mean I’d just go for someone younger or older as a way to reclaim my youth, or gain something from an older individual. I would want the relationship to be happy and comfortable. with some spice to it,

  • Jen Mathews

    Yes, I would take a chance on someone 22 years older than me, if I felt like we had a serious connection. Age is only relevant in relation to maturity – as long as I felt there was equality in maturity, common life goals and philosophies, and mutual respect for one another, age wouldn’t matter to me.

  • Lena Grey

    Generally speaking, I believe that age should have little to do with who you love, but at my age, 63, I would not actively seek out a younger man. but, if it happened, I’d deal with it. I, however, am not opposed to someone else doing it if that’s what they want.

  • Siobhan Masen

    Yes, I’d most definitely date someone that age. I think it is about your personalities and things that are important to you that make you a great couple, not the age. You learn to compensate for the other person’s short comings in a relationship no matter what age they are, so why let something like a number on a piece of paper tell you you shouldn’t be together! Besides I’m 42 and hitting my sexual prime so I often wished for a younger partner who would be as willing to go anytime, anywhere, LOL! See…many beneficial reasons 🙂

  • dana

    Right now I would not date someone 22 years younger than me I don’t want to go to jail thank you very much however as long as everyone is of legal age I don’t see any problems with dating someone that much more experienced or that much more eager to learn.

  • suze294

    i would, though perhaps not up to 22 years older – I’d like some life in the boy! And I’d love to hope I could attract a guy 22 yrs younger!

  • gigi998877gigi

    As the question stands now, I wouldn’t fall of someone 22 years older then me because I am already married to the love of my life and he is only 3 years older then me. If my situation ever changes, heaven forbid, I’ll re-access!

    Can’t WAIT for this one!! 🙂

  • alexandra

    My bf is 14 years younger than I am so 22 years is no biggie. 🙂 We’ve been together for 11 years and looks like I’ll be spending the rest of my life with him. LOL.

    I just finished reading Elements of Retrofit and I adored Cooper. I love his confidence and funny personality. A definite MUST READ. I enjoyed it immensely. 🙂

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