Elements General Release Day!


Elements of Retrofit, the first of the Thomas Elkin Series, hits the shelves at Amazon and ARe today!!  I’ll post the links when they go live 🙂

All Romance eBooks buy link:  HERE

Amazon buy link: HERE

To kick off the release of one of my favourite couples, I’m doing a blog tour!!  With the amazing help of Literary Nook, my tour dates and locations are:


October 7 – Battery Operated Book Blog 

October 8 – Lis les Livres 

October 9 – Tana Rae Reads 

October 10 – The Phantom Paragrapher 

October 11 – Literary Nook 


The link to the fabulous Literary Nook Book Promotions is   http://bookpromotions.literarynook.com/theelementsofretrofit/



  • Runell

    As soon as I realized that it was October 4, I rushed to Amazon to buy this because I’ve been making grabby hands, wanting this desperately, ever since I saw the cover–which is so, so, so gorgeous–but it wasn’t live yet, so I went to Total-E-Bound, bought it, and devoured it.

    Loved every second of it, and I’m dying for the second one to come out. I just completely fell in love with Thomas and Cooper.

    Oh–and the way Ryan found about them? Yeah, I died laughing. That was just too hilarious! Scarring for Ryan, but absolutely hilarious for me!

  • Laney E

    Just wrote my comments on Amazon review…
    all I can say to follow that review is WHEN is the next book out??!

    I finished the book at 3am this morning and I still cant stop thinking about those adorbable, sexy blokes! Just inlove with Tom, whilst Cooper is just simply lovelable rogue! Ryan’s reaction was cringe worthy in a warm and funny way – love the way he handles his dad..*giggle*
    This book left a warm and fuzzy feeling in me today and as I have to wait for the next installment, I might have to read it, again!
    Love most of your books..You’re an extremely talented and skillful and oh so imaginative author! You sure do like your naughty boys. ;-))
    ps please do not hold back on the sex details next time…you dont normally have a problem with this in your other books..?

  • Riley

    Elements of Retrofit rocks!! The most enjoyable story I have read in such a long time. I was either laughing or smiling for most of the book – there will never be enough Thomas and Cooper, I can’t wait for the next installment!!! Thank you so much, again, for another great book.

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