Breaking Point, expectations and the opposite of fluff


Are you ready?

In less than two weeks, Breaking Point will be available for pre-release purchase from the TEB site. Which means you can buy it there, to read immediately, four weeks before it becomes available on other sites like Amazon. 

Yes,  I’ve had a few releases. The nerves and anxiety do get a little easier with each one, but I doubt the trepidation of putting myself out there will ever fade completely. To be honest, I don’t want it to.  

But this one is different.

I’ve NEVER been this nervous about a release. 

Will it be good enough? Will I do Point of No Return justice by continuing the story? Will people forgive me for the direction I take it?  

In my opinion,  Breaking Point is the angstiest (like my new word?) thing I’ve written to date.  It’s also the most violent and grittiest, and not like my usual fluff and sunshine. At all.

Breaking Point is based on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, or cage fighting) so yes, it’s violent. 

The violence of MMA
The violence of MMA

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Adding that Matt, the main character, has masochist tendencies and is in a dark place, it’s not a particularly easy read.

Matt Elliott
Matt Elliott

I know that most readers expect a certain style from me, and that’s fine. It’s great, even.  A reader knows, more often than not when they read something of mine, it’ll be romance (sickly sweet sometimes lol) and there’s a comfort in that, for a reader, knowing there will be fluff and rainbows.  That’s why I’m a little nervous, or a lot nervous, that people might not like Breaking Point because it’s so removed from my usual thing. I guess I just want to warn people before  release day that if you want warm and fluffy, this isn’t it.

That being said, I also think it’s one of the best things I’ve written.

It’s also possible this nervousness is completely unwarranted and people think my idea of angst is crap. LOL  Granted, I don’t read a lot of angst, so I have little to gauge by, but it’s one of the toughest things I’ve written. 

Anyway, the book has gone through it’s final editing stages, so even if I wanted to change something, I couldn’t.  And I wouldn’t. I love this book, and am extremely proud of it.

I guess I’ll leave it to the general public to read, review and judge accordingly.   I’ll just leave some story inspiration pictures and hope for the best.  

images (12)

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  • Jane wilkinson

    I cannot wait to read this book, I’m expecting an angst fest, tissues at the ready! Seriously, you know how much I love Kira & Matt, just dying to hear from them again xxxxx

  • Laney E

    phew! My heart rate has alarmingly sky-rocketed after reading that excerpt and I quite honestly cant say I enjoyed the feeling…so far it is quite literally overwhelming, almost forbidding.
    This is indeed a vast dissimilarity to your usual ‘soft’ style (which I admittently favour). Despite my prefence to the first book, I am still going to purchase the second installment due to loyalty and because I believe that the book promises indulgent variety, which you so eloquently execute in all your books!

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