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As we know, Breaking Point was released on Totally Bound yesterday!  Responses have been great to this story so far, which is AWESOME, and so to celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway!  Over this weekend, you have the chance to win a copy of Breaking Point! 

But first, let’s start with some picspiration of the characters…

First we have Matt…

DanielCraig as Matt

Matt in PoNR2

Then there’s Kira…

Point of No Return

Here’s Cody and Arizona 

Matt and Arizona

And just so you know, I loved Arizona.  He started out a bit of jerk, but has since become one of Matt’s closest friends. 

images (8)

What these boys do…

images (17)

images (9)

The violence of MMA
The violence of MMA

images (13)

MMA fighters are some of the FITTEST sportsmen (and women) athletes on the planet.  Their training, fitness and dietary schedules border on extreme. I tried to portray this in Breaking Point with Matt’s level of fitness and endurance, without giving an info-dump and getting off topic. I also believe this level of commitment and what he continuously put his body through, contributed to his frame of mind, and of course the downward spiral we see him go through.

Matt puts himself through hell, for what he believes to be the right reasons… it’s just one helluva price to pay.

And there’s also an incident with a red jockstrap… 

red jock

Matt and Kira


So for your chance to win a copy of Breaking Point, please leave a comment below, and if you’re so inclined, drop by my Author page on facebook and hit that little like button 🙂  

I’ll be picking a random winner at approx 9pm Sunday 27 October, Sydney time.  



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