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Gin, Jazz & a Devastatingly Handsome 1920’s Screen Idol.


The Gin & Jazz Series is a journey about a sweet but naïve young orphan Jack. It’s the Golden Age of the 1920’s, and Jack travels west with his lover Nick. They are from the streets, and find themselves struggling to survive the tawdry world that makes up the celluloid kingdom. At the beginning of Razzle Dazzle (Gin & Jazz 2), Jack is crushed by the loss of his lover, and isn’t sure how he can go on. It seems as though his fortunes might be about to turn as Global Pictures Studios has expressed an interest in him. And so has their top screen idol – the rakish Roman Pasquale.

This series has been intense and personal for me. I come from a background in the entertainment industry, so I had no problem transferring my bitterness to the pages! But the heart of this series is about romance and finding true love, and Jack deserves to gain real happiness. Especially after all I put the poor kid through in this series. As Razzle Dazzle progresses, Roman’s pursuit of Jack is relentless. Being so much older and more sophisticated than Jack, he has no trouble turning on the charm and seducing his prey.

However, Roman finds himself not being in complete control the way in which he has become accustomed. Jack’s unaffected and genuine nature causes Roman to experience honest emotions for the first time since he can remember.


Jack is on the verge of silent film stardom, but Hollywood glory won’t heal his broken heart. Then the seductive screen idol—Roman Pasquale—sweeps Jack away, and makes him his own. Will Roman’s obsessive love finally bring Jack true happiness?


Juan pulled up to Trixie’s building, and Roman eyed the apartments. If all went well with them that day, perhaps this would be the very last time he would ever have to pick up Jack there. Perhaps Jack would be with him from then on. Roman smiled.

What a lovely thought.

Jack rushed through the apartment doors towards the waiting car, adding to Roman’s satisfaction. Gone was the fearful boy of just a few days before, and in his place was the happy-go-lucky young man with a wide grin on his face. Juan had given up on trying to open the car door for Jack for the most part—it was pointless. Jack was filled with enthusiasm, and never seemed to be interested in any formalities. And he only had eyes for Roman. If only they could be this way forever—combined with passionate couplings—it would be all that Roman would ever need or want.

“Hi Roman!”

Jack pulled on the latch, and scooted in. He had on a soft grey suit, matching waistcoat, with a pale pink silk shirt. He plucked a grey and black herringbone bowler off his head, and set it on the seat next to him. Jack had appeared to specifically set it on his other side, so that it didn’t come between him and Roman. Looking at Jack’s open and smiling face, Roman considered that it might have been a bit rash to spend the whole day with Jack like this. As usual, all he would be thinking about was how his dick would feel buried in Jack’s tight, hot ass. That was torture enough in a short evening, but for several long hours—he wasn’t sure he would survive.

Perhaps Jack will feel the same way, thus hastening our joining.

“My dear Jack. It is a delight to see you.”

Jack leaned in for their customary welcoming kiss, then stopped himself. Juan was pulling away from the kerb, and Roman followed Jack’s gaze to a couple walking down the street. Roman sighed. He grabbed the back of Jack’s neck, and pulled Jack gently to him.

“Just a taste.”

Roman’s tongue darted through Jack’s parted lips, and he swept the inside of Jack’s mouth. As he pulled out, he sucked Jack’s top lip in briefly before letting him go. Roman settled back in the seat, angled towards Jack.

“There. Much better.”

Jack seemed pleased and concerned at the same time.

“Are we going somewhere where we have to be more careful?”

Roman nodded. “Yes. But if you are very nice to me, I might let you hold my hand on the drive up.”

Jack giggled. “I know how to be nice.”

Roman raised his eyebrows. “I shall be looking forward to that.”

There was an electricity between them that was more palpable than ever. Roman attributed it to them meeting up when they were well rested, as opposed to after long days on the set. Roman reached down to a small paper container he had on the floorboard. He picked it up, and lifted the top flap. From it he pulled a white rosebud—identical to the one he wore in his lapel—and handed it to Jack.

Jack took it from him shyly.

“Oh, thank you, Roman. I feel so sophisticated.”

Jack took the wrapped stem, and pushed it through the lapel hole. He squinted at the flower, trying to adjust it.

“Here. Let me fix it for you.”

Roman moved closer to Jack, and fiddled with the boutonnière, his knuckles scraping across Jack’s chest under the suit’s fabric, and against the silk shirt. Jack inhaled sharply. His breathing sped up, and he held very still.

Roman glanced up, using only his eyes.

“Are you all right, Jack?”


Roman resisted the urge to smile. He would have to tread very carefully. Jack was ready for him, he could sense it. Jack’s need was now a tangible thing.

Roman finished with the rose, and regretfully let go of him. Roman looked out of the window, otherwise he would only be able to leer at Jack. If they were to be together that night the way Roman dreamt of, Jack would need to be the one to come to him. Jack was no longer scared of him, and Roman meant to keep it that way.

“Can I?”

Roman turned to Jack. “Can you what?”

“Can I hold your hand?”

Roman’s heart did something that unsettled him. There was a pull, a warmth towards Jack. It was a different sensation from any he could remember ever experiencing before.

“I would like that very much, Jack Stone.”


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