Update on Starting Point

As you may or may not know, I’ve really struggled with writing these last few months.  Without going into details and the whole woe is me song, for the last seven months I have been trying to write the final installment in my Turning Point Series.

Well, it’s done.  The first draft anyway.

I’ve sent it to my editor (who graciously read it when it was half done and I was about ready to quit writing all together) and I’m sure there will be major edits, rewrites and additions to be done. As it is now, it’s 90,600 words exactly. (I deleted the epilogue – but will add it if my editor thinks it’s necessary).

It’s bittersweet to finish this series. I have LOVED these boys more than words can express. I honestly feel like I know them, like they’re real, and they are very much a part of my life.  I have loved writing them, and while it’s sad to let them go, I am also relieved to be at the end.  

In the first book, Point of No Return, we meet Matt and Kira, Matt’s workmates and Kira’s parents.  In the second book, Breaking Point, we meet the guys at the FC.

In Starting Point, along with all our favourite characters from the first two books, we meet some more special people.

I’d like to introduce you to two kids Matt teaches at the FC, Claudia and Reuben. 


These two kids, brother and sister, Claude and Ruby, come with a world of problems that Matt and Kira weren’t quite prepared for. Still dealing with ramifications from his stint undercover, along with worries that the FC might be financial trouble, Matt finds  the course of his life heading in a new direction.  But with Kira by his side, Matt realises it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it could be the beginning of something great, and this is just the starting point. 

More news when I have it – but I believe it will be a late May publication.  Thanks to all who have read and loved these boys. I hope I have given them a HEA they deserve. 



  • Geraldine

    Honestly I cannot wait and I am so glad that you managed to finish the book. Hope you have a great Christmas and all good wishes for a happy, healthy 2014


  • Lisa

    Don’t give up writing. You have given me so much pleasure this year. As a Cronulla Sharks supporter loved Ten In The Bin – have read it about 3 times & love Dean & Darren more each time. Hanging out for book 2 in Thomas Elkin series – not long now and am loving The Blind Faith series which am reading now. You have a gift. Thank you.

  • Denise

    Please don’t think only Aussies liked Dean and Darren, I love them & I am from Detroit! I always look forward to what you are writing next, thanks for sharing your gift! Merry Christmas!

  • geboyd30

    Please, please, don’t give up writing. Blind Faith and Turning point are in my top 5 favorite series of all times. (Feeling like a nerd here)You have such a way with words and I have never laughed as much reading a book as I laughed reading Mark’s story. His Mother, oh my word….there just are no words to describe her and their relationship.
    I am excited about Starting Point! The last book was so very very hard to read but so worth the chapter breaks I had to take reading it.
    Best wishes for a Happy and successful New Year.

  • Leevora Harris

    OMG! Is Miss Thang truly placing the CUTEST kids ever in the life of MaKi… <—- (you got Matt and you have Kira. Together you get MaKi :-p)?! Well… color me excited and nervous, which I was with Breaking Point too.


    I've actually been anti-romance for a bit because I've been riding the Action, Blood, and Gore junkie train. But I have to tell you, I'm actually desperate for this last installment with MaKi. So…

    Um… If I get a petition going and get enough votes for a 4th installment with MaKi, N.W. Walker will you write another story for our sexy boys…eh…men?? Oh, and honey I am not above begging with sugar and spice and everything nice or naughty. I'm an open minded beggar, I kid you not. -smiles cheekily-

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