Meet the characters for Starting Point


Early release for Starting Point is just two days away.  So in light of Matt and Kira’s story coming to a close, I thought I’d share the character pics I’ve had for these people since day one.

Each person in Matt’s life has helped shape him into the man he is. Each character has played their part, and I thought it was about time I showed you Matt’s photo album. 

Let’s start with the man himself, Matthew Elliott…

Point of No Return


DanielCraig as Matt


Matt in PoNR2


And Kira…






yumi 1

yumi 2




(Not exactly who I picture for Sal, but very close)

Claude (Claudia)

Reuben (Ruby)


Arizona and Cody


Matt and Arizona


Ross Berkman

ross berkman

LOL Yeah, I’m not even kidding… 😛




The police boys

mitch and the boys

Berkman, Mitch, Kurt and Tony



I hope you’ve enjoyed this character album, and I hope you enjoy Starting Point!

Where can you buy it?

From Friday 25th April, you can buy Starting Point at


After going past the point of no return and finally reaching breaking point, the only thing Matthew Elliott can do now is start over.

Matthew Elliott is a recovering man. As an ex-cop and ex-fighter, his new job teaching kids at the local community gym about drug awareness and self-defense, is a little bit of both. His new focus on helping street kids is helping him heal, and with Kira by his side, he’s making strides.

Brother and sister, Rueben and Claudia, are homeless kids and they’re very much alone. As they strike a chord with Matt, he does everything in his power to help them.

But when Ruby and Claude need more help than he bargained for, it stops being about work, and starts being about home.

The day he met Kira, Matt’s life changed direction, and it’s only now he realises that everything he’s been through led up to this moment. It was never about endings. His life, his purpose, was just beginning.

Reader Advisory: This book contains reference to the death of a child.



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