A new year and all that…



It is a new year already and I should mark this occasion with a post <3 

2015 will be a year of change for me. Not all of it great, but all of it moving forward and that’s what I will keep focused on. I don’t do resolutions (I’m far too lazy lol) but I want 2015 to be better. I want to be better. A better person, a better parent, a better writer.

I have lots planned this year. I have 8 books penciled onto my calendar (though this may change, depending on real life priorities). So far it includes a two-part vampire novel series, a novella trilogy and three stand alone novels. But as writers know, what we plan to write and what we actually write are not often the same thing. 

As of January 1st (today) I have done first round edits on RDH4, due to come out in just 8 days (Yes, I’m cutting it fine, I know.) and I’m 66K words into the first book of the vampire series. I have a working title of Cronin’s Key: Book One, though it may very well change as well (please don’t anyone add it to Goodreads yet).  It’s very different to my normal writing but I’m loving it so far. I’m hoping to have it finished soon and in the hands of my beta readers before handing it over for edits. I would love to have a March release for Cronin’s Key, but that is yet to be finalised. 

Finally, I want to thank all of my readers who have bought, read, reviewed my books! <3  I can’t have done any of this without you! <3




  • bjwilliams26

    Happy New Year from the UK NR😊.
    Thankyou for a Very Hot year with such wonderful books and pics. May 2015 be extremely good to you and your family. Oh, and so.o
    looking forward to RDH4 and your new Vampire series

  • younela

    I think this is where we post our comments. I love the whole RDH concept, the relationship between Charlie and Travis and the way the whole ranch becomes one big close family much to Charlie’s consternation.

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