Red Dirt Heart Series Epilogue Spoiler…


If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read this post, k?

But I really need to talk about something…

As you may know, the very talented Sara York graciously does my cover art work 🙂  And when I had written the epilogue for my Red Dirt Heart series, I knew it needed its own special cover.

I searched the interwebs for the right pictures, sent them to Sara and WHAM! She created a masterpiece. It is my favourite cover from her to date, and with all the beautifulness she’s given me, that’s a pretty big call.

I cried when I saw it. Literal tears. It was so perfect.

But it was also a HUGE spoiler. And that meant I couldn’t show it off to the world until after the book had been released. 🙁   But now I can…  RDH4 has been out for 5 days, (and has been a huge success! Thank you everyone who bought, read and reviewed!)  But I really need to do a special post for the Epilogue cover. I NEED to show people! I have literally sat on this for months prior to release, when all I wanted to do was to show EVERYONE 🙂

So here it is…



The sunrise is perfect, because that’s what this epilogue is. It’s a new beginning for Sutton Station. And of course, the little pink boots…  (And no, before anyone asks, there will be no continuation of Milly’s story, sorry.)

I say it all the time that I’ve been truly blessed with cover art, especially from Sara, and this one is the icing on the cake.

I just needed to brag about this amazing cover, that truly summed up the epilogue with pictures, better than I could with words.  <3 <3

Thanks again to all who read and reviewed my Red Dirt Heart series, and took a year long journey to the Outback with me.

Much, much love… <3



  • donnajones2014

    Now you’ve got me stuck staring at the cover again! I already spent too long staring the other day 😉
    Thank you, I adored this final book to the series and congrats to Sara York for the perfect cover.

  • jkfan9989

    The epilogue was absolutely beautiful. I read the whole book in the car. My husband and I were taking our son back to college and it’s a long drive. I laughed and cried and they both thought I was nuts. This cover is amazing and it had to have been hard to keep it to yourself! Thanks for an amazing series!

  • Diane A

    I read the whole series this past weekend, based on comments from Jay Northcote…LOVED it!!! I laughed and cried through them all, and would read them again to laugh and cry with these characters again! This will likely make my favourites of 2015 list!

    • nrwalker

      Thanks Diane! I will give Jay a big extra virtual hug for sending you in my direction <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed these boys! Thanks for reading and letting me know you liked it!

  • Marvin Jacobs

    The cover on the epilogue was perfect. The first I saw it, before reading the epilogue, I thought it was going to be about Gracie and her pink boots that Charlie bought her. I was amazed on the moments in Amelia’s growing up. It was a wonderful way to top off the most wonderful series I have read. Charlie and Travis had cemented their love then we get a peek at them as their relationship grows with a family. My only regret was to not be able to spend more time with them while Milly grew up. It was also a little depressing to have my boys age so quickly at the end. I wanted to be with them for all those moments in between. The saga of Charlie and Travis touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for this great series. I am going to have to read the 4 books again soon because I am missing my boys. You are Amazing!

  • Geraldine

    Your book was wonderful, I cried so hard, great snotty sobs, then laughed, then cried at the end. This has been a great series, it has enriched my life by sharing those of your characters, I am going to miss Charlie and Travis, but I am looking forward to the next couple. I know they will be just as brilliant. And I have loved all the covers

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