Sixty Five Hours and Learning to Feel Paperback happiness!


You quite often hear authors say there’s nothing like holding one of their own books in paperback, and it really is true.  Sure, seeing my covers and words on my Kindle Fire is fabulous, but holding a ‘real’ book is just that little bit extra special.

So a little while back, when I was having new covers made for my free books (Sixty Five Hours and Learning to Feel) I also had paperback covers made as well.  These were only ever intended to be for my own personal bookcase.  Those books meant a lot to me, and I wanted them to sit pretty with my other books in my office.

But then I got thinking…  I know a lot of people LOVE paperbacks and I wondered if other people would like to have copies of 65H and LTF as well.

My issue was this: these books are only ever meant to be free. And paperbacks just can’t be free. I don’t have a choice in that. Createspace (paperback division of Amazon) charges no matter what.

So I thought I’d ask my readers for their opinions.  I have a Facebook Fan Group  and I put a survey to them. Basically a “Yes please” or a “No free books should stay free”  question, and the answer was a very resounding YES.

So that’s what I’ve done.  I’ve made these books into paperbacks. They are now live on Amazon and no doubt will follow to other avenues in the coming days.  Yay!!!

I have set the price at the absolute minimum. I make no profit from these books – I think it’s literally about 10-20c a copy (the minimum createspace allows)  which means I’ll need to sell a few thousand before I’ve covered the for the artwork/covers/shipping of proofs etc.

The ebooks will always be free.

People are not obligated to buy these books. If they want to pay for the paperback, it’s personal choice. I just wanted my paperback-loving readers to have the choice if they wanted to buy them or not. 🙂

Prices are:  65H is  US$8.60   and   Learning to Feel is  US$10.75

The Amazon links are:

Sixty Five Hours Paperback

Learning to Feel Paperback

If anyone wishes to order a signed paperback book, I have set up a Form to help you. It can be found HERE and I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Jay Northcote for doing the order form first so I could copy/follow blindly 😀 <3

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