N.R. Walker Writerly update

Hiya guys,

It’s been a while since I updated my writing schedule. I’ve been busy. I’m always busy. Sometimes real life gets so damn busy I fall into bed exhausted only to have to drag my butt outta bed a few hours later and do it all over again. Rinse and repeat, blah blah blah.

But, that being said, life is good! I figure a busy life means a productive one, so I try not to complain too much.

It’s been a busy time in our M/M community too!  I have LOVED seeing the GRL pics and putting faces to names (and avi’s) and I’m really, reeeeeeeally hoping to make it next year!

On a personal note, these last few weeks have been more hectic for me than usual. And adding dental surgery to the mix wasn’t my idea of fun. To cut a long story short, I needed to have a tooth removed (root canal therapy failed) which should have been a simple 20 minute extraction, but ended up being a three hour stint in the chair. Not only did I have the tooth removed, but gum and a small part of my jaw as well.

Needless to say, it wasn’t pleasant.

Actually, almost three weeks on and it’s still not pleasant – kinda like a constant ache in the jaw. I’m told it’s to be expected, but it’s annoying and it seems to be depleting my energy levels.

Did you know imaginary characters who want their stories told don’t give a toss if your face is swollen and you can’t eat solid food? Seriously, they don’t.  So yes, Droopy Dog impressions aside, I have still been writing.

I finished Exchange of Hearts. It’s a 38,000 word novella that wasn’t even on my writing schedule a month ago. I’ll be posting more on that in a few days. Release day is November 13 – Friday the 13th – so luckily I’m not superstitious. 😉

I wrote a Christmas Story!  It’s a 14,000 word visit with some familiar faces, which I’m sure you guys will LOVE. It’s going to be a bit of a surprise, so I can’t divulge any more than that just yet, only that it will be out December 18th.

And I’m now 8,000 words into Spencer’s second book. The first one was 40,000 words and I’m thinking this one will be the same. I’m hoping to have Spencer 1 out in Feb, then the other two books to follow a month apart. Fingers crossed.

So, yes, there’s lots of things coming your way!  Including cover reveals for ALL of the books mentioned above… Soon, I promise. <3

I know I said I’ve been super busy (which I have, promise!) but here’s a pic of my attempt at doing housework… Seriously, swapping the vacuum for a kindle, and the mop for a drink is so much more fun! And replacing my desire for a clean floor with a whole lotta no-give-a-fucks was the best way to spend the afternoon.


Much love, and until next time!  <3


  • tamaragordon

    UGH Dental work is the worst!! And so expensive! I just went to Thailand with the family for a holiday and got some dental work done there. Much cheaper and a holiday to boot 😊
    I read the Blindside Series while I was there and really enjoyed it, even though Isaac was a bit of a tool to begin with 😜
    I love your work. Thanks for sharing your talent with us 😍😃

    • nrwalker

      Yes, the list of readers who want to hug/slap Isaac is long 😉 I simply adored him though.
      Dental work is the worst, I totally agree. Your holiday sounds fab!

      Thanks for saying hi!

  • Angela

    Thanks for the update 🙂
    I’m so hoping your Christmas story will take place at Sutton Station 😉
    I’m already looking forward to november 13th and december 18th.

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