About Exchange of Hearts

I want to disclose some information about Exchange of Hearts.  This little 39,000 word novella started its life about four or five years ago, as a 20,000 word contest entry.

That’s right. I wrote what is now the first half of the story as an entry to a fanfiction contest. The story didn’t do any good (and seriously, after re-reading it, how it was submitted, I’m not surprised LOL) and to be honest, I forgot all about it.

I never posted it online. It was never available to anyone outside of the contest, and it sat on my hard drive, untouched, for years.

I can’t remember what I even went looking for, but stumbled onto an old file in the deep, dark depths of old writings, and found it. And so I re-read it… It was poorly written, a sure sign of my growth and experience as a writer some four years later, but it was cute. It had potential. It needed reworking, it needed fixing, and it needed expanding.

So that’s what I did. Exchange of Hearts is now 39,000 words long, and it’s sooooo much better. I’m glad I gave these boys more life, and I’m glad I gave them the story they deserve.

I believe in full disclosure, and am never anything but honest with my readers. I want people to be able to make informed decisions before they spend money.  That’s all. Some will care, some won’t give a toss. But no one can say they were never told.

I hope you enjoy Harrison and Levi’s story.  ❤

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