NaNo 2015


For those who don’t know, NaNo (short for NaNoWriMo – which is short for National Novel Writing Month) is held every year in November. It’s an intense writing schedule where participants are expected to write no less than 50,000 words from November 1st to November 30th.

I normally don’t post much on things like this. I always think if I fail, then the world will know. But this year, I’m telling people for the accountability. I need the push to get this done!  The book I’m tackling is Spencer Cohen – Book 2.  If the book, which I’m expecting to come in at around 40,000 is finished, then I shall simply just start Spencer Cohen – Book 3.  The aim is 50,000 words, regardless of which title they fall under.

So, my NaNo profile is HERE


Good luck to everyone else who is doing it as well! And remember, even if you only write a thousand words in all of November, it’s a thousand words more than someone who didn’t try at all. <3


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