Good Morning Monday!

So I was thinking of doing a weekly update type thingy, going live on Mondays.  I chose Monday because 1) it will give me time to do said updates over the weekend, and 2) Mondays are filled with general suckiness, so this might bring a little cheer into someone’s day.

The posts may or may not always be on time – I truly do suck at blogging – but I’m going to make an effort this year to keep my readers up to date in the world of N.R. Walker. Some posts might be super cool, some might be boring AF, some may be all about my books, some posts might be other authors talking, some posts might be about real life/music/recipes/whatever. I haven’t really decided yet.

I was also told by someone, when I posted about a movie, that they didn’t care about my life or opinions, only my books, and basically that I shouldn’t post anything outside of what they wanted (nice, and completely not egocentric/psychopathetic, huh? *snort*)  But anywhoooo, these Good Morning Monday posts will involve stuff that’s not just about my writing. So, that being said, if you don’t wish to read such posts, simply don’t.  <3

But to start my first Good Morning Monday post of 2016, I’m going to be giving a writerly update 🙂

My current WIP, Spencer Cohen 3 is at 30K words. I’m thinking it will get to 50K all said and done, and I’d like to get it done by the end of the month. It’s doable – if I write 2K a day, I should be good. I normally write 2K a day, give or take, so this should be achievable.

That said, my kids are also still on school holidays. It’s summer holidays here, so they’re off for six weeks. They’re driving me insane having a great time, interrupting me and hollering MUUUUUM from all ends of the house, at all hours of the day, playing music really loudly, fighting each other, and did I mention the interruptions? Needless to say, it’s not conducive to creativity and my patience levels are teetering well into the negative. They go back to school at the end of the month where my daily writing schedule should return to normal.

In other news, Spencer Cohen 1 is ready for ARCs to go out – Release day is Feb 18th.  I’m halfway through edits on Spencer Cohen 2, which is being released on March 17th, and Spencer 3 is due for release on April 21.

After that, I have two novels that have been whispering in my head, which I can’t wait to start. One is very research-heavy, so it might take longer than normal. The other should be fun with a side of angst 🙂 And I could possibly have another series brewing for later in the year.

I will of course post more on the new books when I have something more concrete to show you!

But for now, I want to show you some character inspiration pics of the Spencer Cohen cast and crew.

Here is Spencer…

Here is Andrew…

Happy handsome man with water in background

Here is Spencer’s best friend, Lola…


I can’t wait for you all to meet them <3

Until next week…


  • suze294

    I am happy to read whatever you post – sometimes the non-writerly stuff gives more insight!
    I do like that your series books generally come out quite quickly – looking for to Spencer and gang!

  • gigi

    Oh, those boys (and girl!) are delicious! Hello from the states and I hope vacation for the kiddies goes well. Ours went back last week and I am relieved for the first time. My daughter WINS as the grumpiest teenager EVER.

    • nrwalker

      Maybe my daughter could win the most self-entitled/demanding? LOL Not sure I’ll look forward to the early mornings and every afternoon of sport that school brings with it, but at least I’ll have the days to myself 😉
      Thanks <3

  • Elizabeth Gray

    I think it’s very insightful when an author posts something more than just about books. An author is still a human with feelings and outside interests. That’s how a reader learns about their favorite author. Look forward to learning more about your interests, and of course the books.

    • nrwalker

      Thank you!! <3 <3 I love learning little snippets about authors and seeing how their lives come through their writing – the foods their characters like/dislike, tastes in music, movies etc. It's fun 🙂 You'll notice most of my characters love coffee and Die Hard movies haha 😉
      Thanks again!

  • tamaragordon

    These school holiday’s seem to be going forever! Two weeks today until mine go back. Having said that I’m back at work so poor kids have been at home for most of it….
    Happy Monday if such a thing exists 😪😬😃

    • nrwalker

      Yes, my kids have been at home for most of it as well, except for one week. But during the school year we spend so much of it away at sporting events etc, it’s nice to have a break at home for a change. Working from home has it’s benefits for sure, but my kids don’t get that I need to work as well. They think I’m on holidays with them LOL Fingers crossed the next two weeks goes smoothly.
      Thanks! <3

  • Sharon Unicomb

    I would love to hear you talk about anything you want to and also keep us updated on your books think this is a great idea

  • Marion Smith

    Thanks for the pics. I love having a visual when I’m reading-and these are particularly yummy!! I can’t wait for the books to come out!
    I am interested in anything you want to talk about. Thanks for doing the blog!

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