Good Morning Monday!

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It’s that time again – Good Morning Monday! This is my third in a row. It’s like a record or something!!

My kids are back at school after six weeks off (it’s been our summer break here in Australia) and this will be their first full week of the year. It’s my son’s first year in high school, so there’s been some adjusting, but he’s handled it really well so far.   My kids going back to school is a double edged sword for me… yes, I get my days back of heavenly peace and quiet, but it’s also back to doing after school sport five days a week where we don’t get home until after dinner some nights. The weekends of sport will also start to kick in from now. Ah, the joys of having active kids 😉

On the writing front, this week has been hellabusy as well.  Let’s see, what else happened…

I have completed the very rough first draft of Spencer Cohen Book 3!  At just 100 words shy of 50K, I wrote those two little magic words.  THE END.  (Those words are the author’s equivalent of a post-coital cigarette LOL.)  So, next week the fixing/adding/deleting/WTFwasithinking  part begins.

This week also saw the grand opening of a new group on Facebook, which I’m stoked to be a part of.  Titled The M/M Daily Grind, there are seven authors (Riley Hart, Felice Stevens, Cardeno C, Lane Hayes, Christina Lee, the lovely Ella Frank, and myself) and it’s a fun, safe place, where we talk about our books, writing, ideas, inspiration… well, just about everything and anything really.  You can find the group HERE so come join the fun. We grew to have over 600 members in just one day, so there are a lot of posts, a lot of laughs and many great and wonderful people there.

I also sent out ARC Requests, for all the reviewers/sites who would like to read/review Spencer Cohen Book One.  You can join here at Enticing Journey’s Release Blitz
or you can join my own little book tour in THIS GOOGLE DOC

Enticing Journey Book Promotions are a fabulous site that I’m working with for my Spencer Cohen Trilogy.  I’m excited to be with them 🙂

On a personal note, I’ve been dieting. And while the weight loss is great, I WANT TO EAT ALL OF THE FOOD.  All. Of. It.


Until next week…   <3

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  • Marion Smith

    Dieting sucks, especially when the rest of the family eats the good stuff and you’re eating a salad! Know that you’re not alone. Good luck!

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