Good Morning Monday! ~ 3 Weeks til Spencer 2

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It’s Monday again! You’d think after so many weeks, months and years of encountering this one day out of every seven, we’d be used to it by now…  😉

Last week was another busy one.  There were physio appointments and other real life stuff, and I spent a lovely two days in the Hunter Valley with Nic Starr and RJ Jones. We got some writing done, mostly chatted and laughed, and ate a lot of fabulous food. And, after the last couple of weeks, it was just what the doctor ordered.  <3

This week it’s back to work!  Though I’m not sure how productive I’ll be when my husband has time off work and will be home for two weeks, given that I work from home. I’m sure he’ll drive me insane it’ll be great to have him around, though I may need to lock my office door and tape a note at head height, something like:

  • No, I haven’t seen your keys.
  • No, I don’t know where they are.
  • Same goes for the TV remote control.
  • Are you bringing me coffee and/or chocolate?
  • Is the house on fire?
  • Does your question really need asking?
  • On the “My Wife’s Angry Scale of 1 to Oh-Crap”, how important is your question?

In writerly news, my WiP (tentatively titled Blood & Milk) is at 16K words (which is way behind where I wanted to be by now, but whatever) and it’s just three weeks until Spencer Cohen Book 2 comes out!

I’m sooo excited for the continuation of Spencer and Andrew. So, in case you missed it, I’ll post the blurb and cover 🙂



Finally going from fake-boyfriends to the real thing, Spencer Cohen and Andrew Landon are trying to take things slow. They know what they have could be something special and despite the flammable sexual tension, they don’t want to crash and burn.

Spencer is learning to open up, sharing the secrets of his past with Andrew. Afraid to put his heart on the line, yet seemingly unable to stop it, Spencer knows he’s falling in love with him. Andrew is petrified of leaping in blindly, yet it seems the slower they go, the faster they fall.

As they navigate their new relationship, Spencer worries Andrew will freak out when he takes on a new client. But it’s not a normal case and Spencer soon realises things are not what they seem. When things take a downward turn and they work together to help the client, Spencer and Andrew need to decide if they’re ready for the next step.


Again, it will be exclusive to Amazon, and I will post the pre-order link when I have one!

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