Good Morning Monday! Release Week for Spencer Two! Preorder Link and an Excerpt. Oh, and GRL…

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It’s release week for Spencer Cohen Book Two!!  I can not wait for you all to see what he and Andrew have been up to! 😉

The preorder link is HERE!  And it should be live on the 17th, exclusive to Amazon!

And an excerpt!

“Can today involve a nap?” I asked in the car on our way to his place.

“Are you five?”

I rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands. “Last night is catching up with me.”

“Or are you just trying to get me back into bed?”

“Possibly. Do you always answer every question with a question?”

He grinned. “Possibly.”

“I really am sorry about last night. I actually don’t drink that often,” I told him. “Which is why I was so wrecked.”

“It’s okay Spencer,” he said, looking from the road to me. He smiled. “Emilio told me that you’re not a real drinker. Maybe a few beers now and then, but not normally hard liquor.” He laughed a bit. “I think they were worried I’d think less of you. They were all so busy telling me what a good guy you are.”

I shook my head. “I didn’t ask them to do that.”

“Yes, I know. They were worried about you.”

I sighed. “I owe them a pretty big thank you. Dinner or something.”

“They also told me you’d been different with me from day one,” he said, just all casual-like. There was a hint of humour in his eyes.

“They did, huh?”

“Yep. Said you were all ridiculous smiles whenever you mentioned my name.”

“Right, then. Well, I’m taking back the offer to buy them dinner.”

He laughed. “So it’s true?”

“My answer depends on whether you agree to a nap this afternoon.”

He laughed. “I take it that’s a yes.”

I could feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment. “I told you already you were different. But I object to the term ridiculous smiles.”

He was still smirking when he parked his car near his apartment. I grabbed my bag of laundry from the backseat and followed him inside. “I don’t know, Spencer,” he said, putting his keys and wallet on the hallstand. His voice was quieter, more serious. “I happened to like hearing that you thought I was special from day one. When they told me, Lola laughed and said my smile matched your ridiculous one. So we’re probably even.”

I stood there, holding my bag of laundry, not sure what to do with it. I was suddenly nervous. Here we were, alone at his place. I mean, we’d been alone all morning, but this was somehow different. It was like we were one breath away from going at it like rabbits, or he was about to tell me he’d changed his mind. “Well, that’s good then. We can be ridiculous together.”

He studied me for a long moment before walking slowly over to stand in front of me. He put his hand on my laundry bag, where I was clutching it tightly. His fingers touched mine, and warmth shot up my arm causing the butterflies in my stomach to take flight, and he stared into my eyes. I licked my lips, wanting to kiss him, and he leaned in just a fraction, but stopped short of contact. “I’ll take that for you,” he said gruffly and pulled the bag out of my hand. He took a step back and my breath left me in a rush.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, not really meaning to say the word out loud. “Are you trying to kill me?”

He grinned. “Just checking it wasn’t some kind of fluke before.”

“A fluke? What fluke? That I find you insanely hot or that you make my stupid brain malfunction?”

He laughed quietly. “Maybe both.”

“Well, you could have just asked me,” I said, adjusting my now aching—thanks to him—dick.

He watched my hand on my crotch, and his nostrils flared, a rush of pink crept down his neck. His voice cracked when he said, “We better start this laundry.”

He turned and walked down the hall past the bathroom, to what I assumed was the laundry, so I followed. He upended the bag, the contents spilling onto the tiled floor.

“Here, I can do that,” I told him. “I don’t expect you or anyone else to do my washing.” I picked up a shirt and moved it to one side and shoved the sheets to the other side. And as I sorted the dark and light coloured clothes, I could feel him watching me. I looked up and smiled. “What?”

“You sort laundry,” he said quietly.

“Of course I do. By colour and then fabric.”

A slow smile spread across his face, and he bit his lip.

“Do you have a laundry kink I don’t know about?” I asked.

He laughed. “Uh no. It’s just that I always sort that way too, colour then by types of fabric. Eli never did, and it used to drive me insane.” He shrugged. “I like that you do.”

“Um, if you like it, then I’m pretty sure it falls in the kink category.”

He laughed, a low warm sound, before collecting the sheets off the floor and throwing them in the washing machine. He added powder and set it going, which left us standing close together with nothing between us, and suddenly the air was electric in the small room. I could see the rise and fall of his chest, the heat in his eyes.


There was a chemistry between us that I’d never felt with anyone else. And before my brain could catch up, I slid my hand along his jaw and drew his mouth to mine.


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Oh, and in case you missed my announcement on Facebook yesterday, I am very excited (and anxious and and nauseous and terrified) to announce that I will be attending GRL this year as a Featured Author!!!  I’ll post more on that later…

Until next week!     <3




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