Good Morning Monday! It’s release week for Spencer Three!!

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I was away last Monday, hence the no-post. Hope I’m forgiven.  😉

So what’s been happening this last week?  Well, more tennis tournaments and travelling, five days of no writing at all, then trying reeeeeally hard to finish my WIP.   Well, I didn’t finish it, but I’m super close. Currently Blood & Milk is at 75K words, and I estimate there’s another 5K to wrap up the final scenes. But, this coming week is a release week for me, so there might not be the focus on writing that I’d like.  My MIL is also staying, the kids’ are on school holidays, and my house is always hellabusy.

Did I say release week??  Why, yes I did.

Spencer Cohen, Book Three is out this Thursday!! I can’t wait for you all to read the conclusion to Spencer and Andrew’s story.  <3

The universal pre-release buylink is

That link should take you to your regional Amazon page. If not, the following links will get you there:

US  Amazon

UK Amazon

AUS Amazon

CA Amazon

DE Amazon



Learning to be in a committed relationship has been easy for Spencer. In fact, too easy. Andrew has fit into his life seamlessly. Spencer’s let go of his insecurities and hang-ups, and he and Andrew are enjoying where things are headed.
For the first time in years, Spencer’s life is unbelievably perfect.
Andrew overthinks everything. So when Spencer gets a phone call from Australia, he’s certain Spencer will push him away.
But instead of driving them apart, maybe it will solidify what they already have. Maybe Spencer will depend on Andrew more than ever. Maybe the Spencer Cohen story will come full circle, and maybe, just maybe, Spencer will have the happily ever after he never thought possible.

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What else is happening this week?   Well, writing madly, of course. As well as promos and giveaways to celebrate the release of Spencer Three (I’ll post more on that later), and I’ll be away from home for two days this week as well. Is it any wonder I don’t know what day it is? LOL

Oh, I’ve also approved the proof of Spencer Three in paperback, so that will be live soon as well.  And I’m working on the Spencer Cohen Book Three soundtrack on Spotify to share with you all as well. <3

And, in more exciting news, my family and I are busy trying to plan our five week across-country trip to the US to include GRL in October!!  It’s incredibly exciting, and I can’t wait to share more details as we get them!!

Until next week…

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  • Marion Smith

    I just finished the Spencer Cohen series. I really didn’t think I could love anything more than the Red Dirt series…you proved me wrong! I throughly enjoyed it and the epilogue was EVERYTHING! It made me so happy. Thank you!

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