Good Morning Monday! June already?

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Man, this year is just flying by. Can you believe it’s almost half over?  And, as always, it’s been another busy week for me. I know, I tell people I’m busy and I complain of being busy all the time, but jeez, just one hour to sit down and do nothing would be fab! LOL

Anywho, so last week saw the French version of Cronin’s Key released! It made #3 in Fantasy, and  #33 in the whole Kindle store of France on release day, which is stellar!! You can find it on Amazon  and on Smashwords and on All Romance eBooks.  I’m hoping to have the paperback version ready soon!

I have a few tweaks to make to Blood & Milk before ARCs go out this week. I’ve had some great feedback and it’s helped with the nerves a little. Everyone has loved it, and by all accounts thus far, I’ve done the culture of the Maasai justice – which is a huge relief for me. Though I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck on release day.  There will be a lot of opinions about this book, so there’s a good chance I’ll be avoiding the interwebs for about a week or three after release. LOL

I’m *still* waiting on my WordPress upgrade (apparently Bluehost need to make security features or some <probably important> crap) and this can take a week or something. And I have made contact with a web designer who can hopefully make my site a whole lot prettier (and functional) than it is now.

I’ll be sure to advise if there will be any down time.  🙂

I have started my new WIP this week!  I wanted to be at 10K by Friday, but with translations and formatting on CK1,  pre-read feedback and tweaks on B&M, and other real life shenanigans, I’m only at 3K.  It’s the story of Henry, who is very recently single, after being told by his long term partner he is overweight. So he joins a gym, where he meets personal trainer, Reed.  And because I let the characters tell the story as I write (that is, I don’t plan or plot – I’m a total pantser) I had wondered if this story would be angsty, serious, comedy, long, short… I had no clue.

Well, as it turns out, Henry is funny.  Even just a prologue and one chapter in, he’s already made me laugh out loud a few times, and want to hug him once.  Still no clue on the length of this story, but I’m aiming for 30-35K. After writing Blood & Milk which ended up 85K and research heavy, it’ll be nice to write something short and fun.

For those wondering how my CrossFit challenge is going… I’m four weeks into a six week challenge (three sessions per week) and I can tell, even in those four weeks, my fitness has improved a lot. I did a fourth session this week so I could bring my daughter along, and she loved it. She said I did better than she was expecting me to LOL.  I have a long way to go before I’m at the level of those who do the full-on sessions. While I can do the WODs, though I do the beginner sets instead of the advanced. What I have learned from CrossFit: my body will hurt a lot, my knees are permanently bruised, and burpees fucking suck.  😀

But, after the six week challenge is up, I fully intend to sign up for normal classes. 😀

Just a reminder also, that Spencer Cohen Book Two’s exclusivity with Amazon will end June 14, when it will be released at all the other usual stores.

I’m away for five days this coming week, so I doubt much, if any, writing will get done. And my time on social media will be very limited. I will be away from Thursday to the following Monday so there may not be a post next week, but I’ll try.  So on that note, stay safe my friends, and be kind.

Until next week…


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