Good Morning Monday!

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I’m a bit late today, sorry… And this is just a super quick post. It’s been another busy week and weekend for me. I swear I need an eighth day in the week just so I can slow down. Or have a day off. It’d be nice 😉

So this week saw Spencer Cohen Book Three come off its KU cycle. And in just two days on ARe and it hit the Bestseller’s List!!  Thank you to all the super amazing readers who made that happen!  <3

For those who don’t/can’t/won’t buy from Amazon, you can now get the Spencer Cohen Trilogy at other retail sites.


The links to Book Three are:

All Romance eBooks


And I’ll post the links to iTunes and B&N as soon as I have them! Smashwords, who distribute to third party sites, are taking an unusually long time to approve this one.

I’m also waiting on some free audio codes so I can run a promo/giveaway for the audio of Red Dirt Heart…  As soon as I have them in my hot little hands, I will be posting more info on where you can enter.  <3

My WIP has reached 30K words. I would imagine it will probably end up around the 45K-50K words mark, but who would know with these two. LOL  They’re a bit chatty, and haven’t even come close to kissing yet! They’re a lot of fun though. I’m hoping desperately to get them done before I leave for the US, but that’s seven weeks away and I think I only have two weekends free between now and then.  If I can manage 2K words per day for the next two weeks, I should have the first draft down. Normally this would be doable, but writing has been slow lately, with everything else going on right now, and I’ve barely managed half my usual quota.

Speaking of writing my daily quota, I better get busy…

Until next week…



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