Good Morning Monday ~ Again!

Good Morning Monday pic

Boy these Mondays keep coming around fast!  Today is the first of August which means it is now less than six weeks until we leave for the US… which I am so unbelievably not ready for.  LOL

So this week has been yet another busy one. I’ve managed just 8K words on my WIP, but have had some RL issues to deal with. In light of everything, 8000 words is pretty damn good. Of course I’d like some more, but any words are good words and I’ll take them. LOL     It is, however, looking more and more likely that this book will not be ready (or even finished) before I leave for the US.

I’ll still try though. It’s just that these boys are chatty, and of course there’s thing called plot and secondary character development that gets in the road every time.  😉

Some exciting news!!  It was announced this week that I will be taking part of an anthology to help raise money for the fantastic organisation called One n Ten.

The M/M Daily Grind is a Facebook group, consisting of seven fabulous authors, which I am lucky to be a part of.  Cardeno C, Ella Frank, Christina Lee, Felice Stevens, Lane Hayes & Riley Hart (and myself LOL) have all contributed, which is SEVEN brand new short stories to be released as an anthology, and the proceeds are going to One n Ten.

Pre-orders will go up soon, and the anthology goes live on October 4th.  I am so excited about this, and I can’t wait to show of the amazing cover very soon!!

My short story is titled Perfect Catch, and its the tale of Cal and Troy.  It’s a sweet friends to lovers story, and is almost 19K words long. They’re Aussie boys who like to go fishing, motorbike riding, and camping together, and they’re the only two who can’t see how perfect they are for each other.  *cue the squishy feels*

I will be posting the gorgeous anthology cover asap.  And each addition to the anthology will be released as a separate title by the end of the year, which I think I’ve found the cutest stock photos for that cover too.   Will share as soon as I have it made <3

This week I will be writing like a crazy woman, trying to get this WIP closer to being done. I also have some family stuff that this week that will cut into my work/writing time, which means I need to be extra focused when I write.  I dare say I’ll be spending a few days at the local library this week, because I tend to write more when I’m there rather than being distracted by things at home.

On a completely related note, why is it, when someone works from home, other people tend to assume they do nothing?  I’m seriously half tempted to rent out an office somewhere so me being “at work” is a concept they’ll understand.  *deep breaths*

Anywho, I still haven’t touched any of my accounts/taxes, so I’m only getting further and further behind on that front as well.  *exhausted sigh*  One day I’ll be ahead of myself, I promise. It just looks like that day won’t be any time soon LOL

Okay, so that’s all from me for now. Until next week…    <3

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