Good Monday Morning! What’s New This Week?

Good Morning Monday pic

Hey guys,

Another busy week for me. I’m not long home from a rushed trip to Sydney, which I enjoyed, but am now exhausted. This post will be short because I am in dire need of some sleep. I still have a horrid headache that I’ve not been able to shake for three weeks. It was a residual side effect from that cold/flu thing I had about a month ago, and none of my usual meds/heatpads/massage are relieving it.  I have had neck issues and migraines for years, so I’ll go back to my chiropractor this week and hopefully be rid of it once and for all.

Coming up, I have a busy week of appointments and trying to get The Weight Of It All ready with edits/proofing.  I also want to try and get the paperback ready before I leave, even though I won’t be able to proof an actual copy in time. I’ll just have to trust the process that I’ve done for twenty other books and pray it turns out okay LOL.

Oh, and just a heads up, there’s a good chance I’ll be offline for the few weeks I’m overseas.  I’m hoping to not be, but with the travelling and busy schedule I might not be posting my normal Monday Morning posts. I will try and post pics when I can, and maybe even set up a new tab dedicated to our vacation and travels across the US.  If not, I’ll just upload them all when I get home.

But to whet your appetites with The Weight Of It All, I’ll post some picspiration of Henry and Reed.

Here’s who I envisage for Henry  <3

James-Corden as Henry

Yep, James Corden.  Love him, and he’s perfect for Henry.

And here’s Reed  🙂


You’re welcome 😉

Okay, that’s it for this week.  Fingers crossed I’ll have buy links in next week’s post.

Until then…