Good Morning Monday – I’m all outta days…

Good Morning Monday pic

*looks at calendar*

*claws face*

So apparently no one has yet figured out a way to stop time.  I have to say, I’m disappointed… LOL   I am fresh out of days. We leave for Sydney on Thursday, before flying out to the US, for what will be five weeks for my family, six weeks for me.  That’s a hellalong time to be travelling and living out of suitcases, especially with two teenagers, but I’m also really excited!

This post will be suuuuuper short, just for me to say all things going well, I’ll be loading The Weight Of It All into Amazon (it will be on KU) tonight or tomorrow.  I’ve done a final read through, tweaked a few things, and now just have to make those changes to the document (I proofread on a Kindle – my brain finds mistakes if it’s on a Kindle, not in a word document. I don’t know why LOL) and will attempt to finalise the ecopy and paperback copy online tonight.

Today is accountant appointments, chiropractor appointments, vet appointments, crossfit and tennis. Tomorrow is a dog groomers appointment for Ruby – I’ve told her it’s  a day spa, but I’m pretty sure she knows. Have I ever mentioned that Ruby hates bath-time?  LOL    And I still want to tidy my Tupperware drawers/cupboards and pantry before our house-sitters arrive, so they don’t think there was an earthquake or a break-in or something.

Wednesday is meeting with the school to arrange/collect any school work my kids will need to do, and I hope to do some packing at some point…  >.<

Oh, and I also decided that 10pm on Saturday night was the perfect time to rearrange my office and the front sitting room, swapping furniture, moving lounges and bookcases. Because I didn’t have enough to do before this…   o.O

I am expecting my new website to be up and running soon. Everything should transfer over smoothly, so there’s no need to worry about doing anything. I can’t wait to show it off. It’s gorgeous!

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I have no clue when I will post my  next Good Morning Monday post. But when I do, chances are it will be from the US.  Eeeeeeeeeek!!

Much much much love,

Until next time.



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