Another blog post? Wait, what?

Okay, so there’s been a change of plans.

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting here anymore and I’d be moving over to my new website. But I’m having some issues the blog aspect of my new site, so until that’s all fixed, I’ll continue to post here.  I’d hate for anyone to think I’d dropped of the face of the planet or anything.  🙂

First things first, isn’t my new website pretty? 🙂  I do love it, even though I’m still finding my feet with it. LOL Those who know me, know that technology is not my friend, and neither is spare time. So learning the ins and outs will take me a while.  But as I have mentioned above, I’ll be posting here on WordPress for a little while yet.

I’m also looking at taking on an online assistant. I’ve made contact with a professional author assistant company, not exclusive to the LGBT genre. I felt I needed to employ a company removed from my every day social media dealings (basically someone who is not a ‘friend’ so to speak) so if, God forbid, they don’t do as I’m paying them to do, I can fire them. Kinda sad that that is my end game, but once bitten, twice shy.  But you know the saying “don’t mix business with pleasure” is a hard lesson I’ve learned a few times over the years.

So, what that means: I’m aiming to have more time to write and do the fun side of my job, and leave all the time-consuming not-fun things to someone else. Win and win, right?  🙂

Okay, so now onto my US trip. Short version: it was awesome!! Long version: it was fucking awesome!!  LOL  I fully intend to do a huge post with details and pics for those who are interested, but again this will come down to time. So, suffice to say, I had an amazing trip. The places we visited were beautiful, the people even more so.  My favourite city was Boston, followed by Washington DC (and Toronto in Canada) though the true highlights for me were Universal Studios, and of course, GRL in Kansas City.

GRL (Gay Romance Literature) is a readers and writer meet, where everyone comes together and talks of their love for our genre. It was such a special time for me, so very removed from my every day life, that I am trying my very hardest to go back in 2017. It’ll be in Denver, and I can not wait!  I will also do a post on my GRL experience and post some photos, so I can share the love I felt, and  the fun I had!

Moving onto other things…

The first time in my writing career, I have nothing ready to be published. I have nothing with my editor, nothing with pre or proof readers, nothing in waiting. Nothing! And that’s a little bit scary. It was such a mad rush to get The Weight Of It All released before I left for the US, and I was so busy organising a five week travelling holiday for four people, not to mention all my GRL stuff…  So, I’ve come back to a clean slate, and have dived straight into a new novel. It will be a standalone (well, the characters haven’t told me there’ll be a sequel yet lol)  and it’s rather angsty – which is not really my MO.  Though as we know, I write the story they tell me to write, and yeah, this guy is hurting.

The book is titled Switched. It’s the story of Israel Ingham’s discovery that he was switched at birth, and subsequently where he belongs. I’m currently 35K into it, and I think it will be around 60K all said and done. I’ve sent my cover ideas to Sara (my cover master) and I’m hoping I’ll have something to share with you all soon.

I’m actually partaking in NaNo this yea!  NaNo, or NaNoWriMo, or National November Writing Month, is where writers the world over join together to encourage each other to write 50K words in the month of November. Failing a catastrophe, I should make this goal and it’s my real hopes to have Switched completed by the end of November, for a release either late December or early January.

Oh, and I have a sign-up link for my NEWSLETTER!!  I plan to do an e-newsletter mail out every month or so, on updates, promos, giveaways etc. You can sign up HERE. I’ll also be adding a permalink to my site 🙂

Okay, so that’s all my news for the time being. I am so busy right now, but I promise to post again next week. And I will, at some point, get my US Trip and GRL posts done as well.

Until then…


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