Good Morning Monday! It’s almost December!

Good Morning Monday pic

Can you believe it?  It’s almost December.  I know this because my daughter made me help put the Christmas tree up on the weekend. I know it’s not technically December, and therefore trees aren’t supposed to be up yet, but we won’t have time on Thursday, being Dec 1st.

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  And 2016 has been a clusterfuck of a year, let’s face it. Political upheaval, many celebrity deaths, and the general demise of humanity (okay, slight over exaggeration LOL). I’m truly hoping 2017 will be a year of positive change. But I’ll post more on New Years’ stuff in a month or so. I’m sure 2016 still has some bite in her yet.

The month of November is Nano – a month where authors bang their heads on their keyboards in hopes of reaching 50K words in 30 days.  I’m very happy to say that I reached 50K words in 24 days.


Switched, my WIP, is currently at 62K words!!  And I’m thinking there’s probably 10-15K to go.  This story has turned out nothing like I thought it would. I went into it, thinking the story line/plot would revolve around the fact the MC found out he was switched at birth. But it hasn’t. It’s been more about his budding romance with his best friend, but also his relationship with his father, which is awful, to say the least.


You know me. I only write what the characters tell me to write.  I am hoping I’ll have a cover to share with you soon. I’ve sent my ideas off to Sara (my cover miracle creator) and I’ll post it asap 🙂

In other news, I have put together a N.R. Walker Starter Pack bundle, for all those new-to-me readers. It has a broad range of my titles, to give new readers a taste of all genres.  Red Dirt Heart, Cronin’s Key 1, Sixty Five Hours, Spencer Cohen Book One, and Blind Faith. I’m hoping to have it uploaded in the next day or two…  Look at the gorgeous cover Sara made for me!


And I’ll also have my very first BookBub promo this week!!  Spencer Cohen, Book One will be FREE for a few days. I’ll post more on that when it goes live!

So that’s it for today. I hope everyone is well, and until next week…


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