Good Morning Monday – Cover Reveal!!!

Good Morning Monday pic

Okay guys, this one will be a short and sweet post today. I’ve been super busy getting Switched finished. It’s now at 73K words and the first draft is DONE!!   Wooooo hooooo!!  It needs some work still, which I am aiming to tackle today and tomorrow, before I send it to pre-readers.

I’m going to shoot for a release date of December 27th, whether this happens or not will remain on how much editing it needs. I have a feeling my editor will want to strangle me with this manuscript LOL

I don’t have a blurb yet BUT I do have a cover!!  And it’s gorgeous!  I found the photo and knew it was my Israel (the main character). I sent it to Sara York who made it perfect.  I do love it, and yes it’s dark, but the story isn’t exactly light and fluffy. I’ll post more on the story itself, and hopefully a blurb soon.

Okay folks, here it is…

Dark moody portrait of an intense young man


Until next week…