Yanni’s Story! The whys and the warnings…

I’ve just hit “publish” on Yanni’s Story. Amazon KU can take 30 minutes or two days to publish a book, so I figured I’d just hit publish today and hope for the best.

But before you think about reading this book, you might need to know a few things…

First, it’s a slow book. Why? Because healing from emotional and physical trauma is a SLOW process. For some readers it might be too slow, and that’s fine.  Please know the pacing is deliberate and how the characters needed it to be told. Anything otherwise would have been forced, or there would have been huge time-jumps in the storytelling. The fact it’s 120,000 words probably doesn’t help either. It’s a LONG book! Yanni has a lot of issues to get through, and coupled with a slow healing process, it’s an unfolding story. There’s no action or drama, no formulaic plot twist at the 75% mark. It’s simply a story of healing and growing, and believing in yourself to finally find your place.

Second, there are trigger warnings in this book. Specifically:-

Trigger Warnings:   Descriptions of violence, suicide, and sexual assault. Reader discretion advised.

These instances are not on-page, but the ramifications are. The events are described, their stories told, and the characters are left to deal with the aftermath.

Now, if trigger warnings are not your thing and you get annoyed in an ‘OMG it’s such spoiler’ kind of way, be thankful. Be thankful you don’t need to be pre-warned because of the lasting psychological damage shit like domestic violence and sexual assault can leave behind.

If you do need trigger warnings, in particular those listed above, I’mma hug you first then tell you this book might not be for you. <3

Lastly, this book delves into Daddy kink, and it’s also May/December trope. If you’ve read the Spencer Cohen Series, you know Peter is 43 and Yanni is 21. Again, if these are not for you, you might want to give this book a miss.

Now, if you’re A-okay with the aforementioned, then please by all means go ahead and read. If not, that’s okay too. <3

I’ll be posting the buylink as soon as it goes live!