Good Morning Monday!

What a crazy week it was! But it’s Monday here right now, my house is blessedly quiet and I have a to-do list as long as my arm. I normally write my GMM posts on Sunday and schedule them to post first thing Monday morning, but I was out all day yesterday so this will literally be a fly-by post.

Last week I sent out a ‘please re-subscribe to my newsletter’ to my newsletter subscribers. This is to conform with new legislation to come into play on May 25th. It’s a huge pain in the arse for everyone, so I do apologise. Anyone who doesn’t re-subscribe will have to be deleted from the email list. And I would love to keep you all, of course!

You can do that by clicking on my NEWSLETTER form 🙂

I have also updated my privacy policy.

In other news, Evolved has far exceeded my expectations in visibility and reviews. People are loving it, and that makes my little sci-fi heart so happy!

And in WIP news, Private Charter is at 33K. Nowhere near where I wanted it to be, but last week was a disaster on a lot of fronts.

Anywho, I’ll be back next Monday. Until then…


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