Good Morning Monday ~ Holy crap, tomorrow is the first of May!

Tomorrow is May. Truly. This year is almost half done. I can’t believe it. But, as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun… I’ve been crazy-busy. I mean, I’m always busy. I rarely ever get a minute to myself – I’m not even exaggerating LOL

This last week I took my daughter and niece to Sydney for a Harry Styles concert. I singlehandedly propped up the New South Wales economy for a while with the amount of shopping two teenage girls subjected me to, we spent a day at Taronga Zoo (my niece had never been on a ferry or to Taronga, so we rectified that) and we had a fab time. I was off social media (mostly) and it’s always nice to take a mental health break.

A little off topic here, but social media is a huge commitment for me. My main ones are Facebook –  with my general timeline, author page, and several groups – and Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I do love them, but wow, it’s also a lot of work. I constantly worry that I’ll miss notifications or messages and people will think I’m snobbing them or ignoring them, so I do try and check and double check. It’s not always easy. Especially with FB being so hit and miss with any/all notifications and posts, so I do apologise if I have missed anyone.

I  love the interaction with readers, and friendships I’ve made online. I cherish them, I really do. But taking a day or two every now and then to spend time doing other things is absolutely recommended. I can’t be available to everyone 24/7. Not to readers, not to family. And no, not even to Ruby (my dog) as much as she doesn’t agree with, or understand, to be honest. She was VERY happy to see me when I got home. There was a LOT of kisses and zoomies. LOL

I also got home to a LOT of messages, posts, comments, and emails expressing utter LOVE for Evolved, which was wonderful! I am so thrilled that people are loving Shaun and Lloyd. I know that anything sci-fi tends to turn some people off, but loyal readers have been taking a chance and finding themselves thoroughly enjoying it (and 99% of people would like their very own Shaun. LOL Get in line. I’m first. haha)

For anyone who has missed it…


In Audio News! Breaking Point is OUT NOW and Spencer Cohen Book Three is up for pre-order!!  I love hearing my books in audio… it’s such a thrill for me. And these two do NOT disappoint.

Sean Crisden does an amazing job as Matthew Elliott in Breaking Point. Truly amazing. The pain and anguish Matt goes through really shines with Sean at the helm. You can find them at:



Joel Leslie is a stellar performer and his portrayal of Spencer and Andrew just might be my favourite yet.

You can pre-order Spencer Cohen, Book Three at Audible

If you’re new to audio, you can always listen to the sample first. And if you sign up to Audible, your first book is free! And they give you a credit for one book a month when you subscribe. It’s an awesome way to enjoy all your favourite books!

WIP Update: Since I was away for half the week, I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d have liked. My WIP, called Private Charter, is up to 24K. I was hoping this story would be about 50K in total, but given one MC has hired a yacht for two weeks and it’s taken me 24K to get them to day 2 of the venture, I’m thinking it might be a little longer…  LOL

I also have visitors this week and my kids go back to school on Tuesday, which means all sporting activities every afternoon also start again (you know how I said I’m always busy? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding LOL) therefore I have no clue how much I will get written this week. I want ALL the words but I highly doubt that’ll happen.

Oh, and I know I’ve previoulsy mentioned Thai translations but I can now confirm the following:

– SIXTY FIVE HOURS – mid 2018 (so, that means soon!)
– CRONIN’S KEY series – beginning in March 2019
– RED DIRT HEART series – beginning in March 2020
– FINDERS KEEPERS – October 2020
I’m super excited to see these! I can’t wait to share the covers with you asap.
Okay, that’s it for this week. *wipes brow* I need a holiday LOL  I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you next Monday! Until then…

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  • Geraldine Stipanovic

    I understand if you get busy you may not even get to read this, which is fine, but just in case you do I had to comment. I used to read fanfiction and write sometimes, plus I have always read books and since finding kindleamazon it has been so enjoyable that I get perfectly lost in whomevers life a writer has created. Yours have been incredible. The range of deeply constructed settings that are only matched by your beloved characters has me hooked by the first paragragh to the very last word. I would like to thank you for the endless pleasure, relaxation but not for the loss of sleep, just kidding. I just finished the Red Dirt series possibly my favourite although it may be just because it is my most recent, I love them all. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart,

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