Good Morning Monday!

This will be a super short post this week. I spent all weekend running around like crazy with real life and kids’ sport, then finally got home last night and felt like crap so I went to bed. This week is craaaaazy busy. I have a to-do list as long as my arm of everything I need to do before I leave home on Thursday for 12 days.

I’m trying to get everything sorted for the two signings I’m doing in advance, plus everything my kids will need in my absence. Yikes! Sometimes it makes you wonder whether leaving is worth the hassle LOL.  But I am super excited about my signings and my travels with some friends who fly in from the US on Thursday!

I also have edits for Upside Down to get done – and my editor said she thinks it’s her favourite of all my books so far, so YAY!!!  I love Jordan and Hennessy so much and I can’t wait to share them with you!!

Next week I’ll share some photos and my experience from the Books By The Bridge Sydney event. I’m really excited – and really nervous! I’m sure it will be fine once I’m there.

Also, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll already know that I can’t attend GRL in the US this year, and in all likelihood, not the next two years either. I do have other signings booked for 2020 but just not in the US. I’ll share more on that at a later date…

WIP update:  Currently at 25K. I had a shortened writing week because of real life but the story is coming along nicely. Monroe and Erik have quite a road in front of them and it’s a little weird to go from fun and humour (in Upside Down) to nosedive into angst and heartbreak in this new book. But I don’t really get much say, apparently. They tell me their story, I just type. LOL

Okay folks, have a good week! I’ll see you all next Monday – we fly from Sydney to Melbourne on Monday so not sure *when* on Monday I’ll get to post, but I will try.

Until then…

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