Good Morning Monday! Travelling All Over The County and Book Signings

It’s been a hectic two weeks – I’ve travelled a few thousand kilometres, taking some friends from the US to see three different states and attended two book signings, one in Sydney, one in Brisbane.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d only ever done signings overseas at LGBTQIA+ events, and I’d never had books for sale. I’d only ever done pre-orders and never sold books over the table (for tax reasons being in a foreign country) so I was clueless as to how Australian book signings would go.

The signing in Sydney was predominately male/female romance, so I wasn’t expecting to be overly busy. I’d had a decent amount of preorders and had some great interest in over the table sales. It was great to be present in an Australian signing, and to represent the LGBTQIA+ genre. I write Australian LGBTQIA+ romance so it means a lot to me to be present.

This was my table at the Sydney event, Books By The Bridge.


The Brisbane signing had more LGBTQIA+ authors present, and a lot of amazing readers. I had a great preorder list and sold almost ALL the books I’d bought with me to sell on the day. It was busy from the opening minute, and I had an amazing time!

Here’s a pic of my table at the Brisbane event, Book Marked and Sexy.

I’d really like to thank everyone who attended these events and made it such a special experience for me! I’m really hoping to make it to more Australian signings in the future and being more present to represent my genre.  <3

I’ve taken some books out of KU and they’re now at all retailers:

You can find these books at the following profiles:

Imago and Imagines, The Weight of It All, and Switched will be available at these sites for a short time only!

I’m still travelling but will be home this week. I’m behind on my schedule (I haven’t written a word in 2 weeks!) so I’ll be busy trying to get back on track. Upside Down is still scheduled for the 28th March and I’ve been trying to get that proofed in between airports and tours and sight-seeing.  My WIP has been sorely neglected and I intend to remedy that this week! I need to write ALL the words.

Okay, that’s all I have time for this week! I should be back to regular posting next week!

Until then…