Good Morning Monday! July 1st…

I don’t know how the hell it’s July 1st already, but holy shit. The year is half over! Pretty sure it was just February last week, so I’m not sure how the hell it’s July but here we are LOL

Just a super quick post this week.

I’m still waiting for Through These Eyes and Sense of Place to go live on Audilbe. I can’t believe it’s taken this long! (See? I can complain about time going too fast and too slow at the same time – it’s a talent I have LOL)  Though I’m sure they’ll go live as soon as I hit publish on this post. Because that’s how Murphy’s Law works 😉

In WIP news, I’m still not done. I know I said I’d give myself to the end of the month to finish it, but if I quit now, that’d be a month worth of writing wasted. Kinda puts me in a pickle. I *want* to finish this damn book! I adore the characters but damn, it’s painfully slow. I’m now at 67K. And I’m thinking there’s maybe 10-12K to go. I’m getting to the juicy part of the book, and given it’s a murder mystery, it’s exciting! But my kids finish school at the end of this week (just for two weeks holiday) so the pressure is on to get these last chapters written while I have the time!!

Oh, and I also have a title and a cover for this WIP so I guess that’s something…

I’m also doing final edits on SIR, then it’s off to proofreaders. Release date should be approx 25th July but that may change – depending on real life issues. We all know how that is.

Okies, told you it was a short post!

I’ll be logging out of social media again this week to make myself WRITE!  Take care, and remember folks, if you can’t be kind, be quiet.

Until then…

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