Good Morning Monday ~ First Draft From Hell Is Done!


OMG finally finally finally!! The first draft of this bloody book is done!! It’s very rough and needs a mountain of work and fixing before I can send it off to beta-readers, but it’s DONE!!  It came in at a rather plump 95,400 words. I had originally thought it would be three x 30,000-word novellas, but the characters were adamant it be one book. The word count was pretty much the same either way, but I think it will make for a better reading experience.

And the title?


Tallowwood is a fictional town where the majority of the book takes place. It’s set in Australia, the two main characters are Detective August Shaw and Senior Constable Jacob Porter. August is from Sydney, and he’s a reclusive guy, isolated and kind of grumpy. He works the cold case division. Jacob is an Indigenous man, lots of fun, very smart, very sociable. Jacob’s next case is tied to August’s and so the two have to work together.

It was daunting as hell to write. I’ve never done a murder/mystery style book before and considering I don’t plan or outline a single thing, it made it rather difficult. LOL  My brain is my worst enemy!

I’m so relieved it’s done. This week will be spent fixing it, adding and deleting accordingly. And I will probably add an epilogue, just to wrap it up with a bow. Because that’s how I like my books written 😉



Sense of Place is FINALLY live!!

You can find it at Audible

I’m still waiting for Through These Eyes to go live. It’s been approved by ACX for FOUR weeks but still nothing 🙁   Fingers crossed it will be soooon!!

Blindside (Blind Faith 3) has been sent and approved by ACX and at this rate it’s likely to be approved before Book 2 in the series. *long suffering sigh*


The Italian translation of Breaking Point is up for pre-order! You can find it HERE!  And the cover is gorgeous!


I’ve also signed the contracts to have another four books translated in Italian – Galaxies and Oceans, Finders Keepers, Switched, and The Hate You Drink, will all be finding their way to Italy over the next 18 months!  I love my Italian publisher, Triskell Edizioni <3

My kids are off school for one more week. I will be mostly self-editing Tallowwood this week, and finalising the file of SIR (ebook and paperback) which is due for release on July 25th. It’s all happening folks!  Always busy and loving it!

I’ll have an excerpt for SIR next week for you all!! Super excited for you all to meet Sig, Levin, and Hunter!

Until then…


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