• Good Morning Monday ~ Reindeer Games Cover and Pre-Order, and SIR buy links for all retailers!


    A few things to talk about this week…

    First, the pre-order link for Reindeer Games, plus the cover, plus the blurb!  Yay!! I’ve been sitting on this for months but I can finally share it with you all now!!

    Check out this holy cover of gorgeousness!


    Like HOLY SHIZZBALLS is right! 

    Sooo, what do you need to know?  Reindeer Games is Book 6 in the Ace’s Wild Series, but all books are stand-alone (more info at the end of the blurb, below.)

    The pre-order is up now and the book goes live on the 29th October. It will be exclusive to KU/Amazon for that time. During the first 90 days, all profits go to my charity of choice, which is Twenty10, a centre in Sydney. Other authors involved in this amazing charity series so far are Christina Lee and Riley Hart, SE Jakes, Alice Winters, Devon McCormack, and Max Walker.


    Reindeer Games Definition: activities to exclude outsiders

    Industrial-art student Leif Caldwell and his best friend win tickets to the hottest party in town, the annual masquerade Christmas gala at the upmarket nightclub, Evoque. Not a gig they could ever afford to attend or buy costumes for, so Leif makes their masks. Given the holiday theme and the play on words, he makes a set of striking reindeer antlers and intends to have the night of his life.

    Vintage Ridge’s resident millionaire and owner of Evoque, Russ Quarrington, hates the holiday season because it reminds him of everything he’s lost. All the money and success in the world can’t fill the void in his heart, and this year he’s particularly bereft. With the gala looming, his personal assistant insists Russ attends and that he wear a mask that offers anonymity, and hopefully find some festive cheer. Bored with the guys in town and tired of men only wanting him for his money, he reluctantly agrees.

    But when Russ sees a mysterious man with a magnificent reindeer antlers and mask, he’s instantly intrigued. Even when their masks are removed, Leif has no idea who Russ really is, and what Russ discovers is a man who understands him. And for the first time ever, a man who doesn’t want what Russ has. This time, it’s Russ who wants what Leif has, what money can’t buy.

    Russ and Leif are about to learn that sometimes Reindeer Games are the only games worth playing.

    ~~ Reindeer Games is a 42,000 word novella.

    * * *

    For the first 90 days of this title’s publication, all sales and page reads will be donated to Twenty10, Sydney.

    REINDEER GAMES is part of a multi-author series of books that take place in the same fictional town. Each story can be read in any order. The connecting element in the Ace’s Wild series is an adult store owned by Ace and Wilder. The main characters from each book will make at least one visit to Ace’s Wild, where they’ll buy a toy to use in their story! The only characters who crossover to each book are Ace and Wilder. And with various heat levels, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

    And this cover… OMG (by Sleepy Fox Studios) 😍 I’m totally in love with it, and it captures Leif so perfectly   Will be available in paperback after the 90 days/charity proceeds ends.

    Buy Links are:




    Google Play



    I don’t know how long it will have wide distribution… a few weeks probably, then it will be going back into KU.

    Translation News!

    The German edition of Switched is also OUT NOW!!  And the cover is adorable!!


    Amazon Buy Link

    It will be heading to other retailers asap!

    Still waiting on the audio of Upside Down to go live. We’ve had some issues but fingers crossed all is sorted out now and ACX will finally play nice. LOL

    Writing Update:

    Still not great, but the words are slooooooowly happening. My WIP is now at 32K words and they’re probably ALL utter crap, but I can’t fix ’em if I don’t write ’em first. I HAVE to have this manuscript done in the next three weeks. No excuses. <stern face>  So I’m hoping for a super productive week.

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday!

    I missed last week’s blog post, sorry if anyone was expecting it. To be honest, I was completely out of headspace and just didn’t have it in me to try and be cheerful and excited. I also didn’t really much to talk about. I’ve been struggling to write (still) and that always puts me in a funk. The words still haven’t really been flowing this week either but I do feel better about it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a more productive week. Even though this week is busy with other stuff…

    On the 25th, Reindeer Games will have a cover reveal, and it will go up for pre-order!!

    Reindeer Games is part of the Ace’s Wild Series (each book is a stand-alone by a different author) and for the first 90 days of release, proceeds go to the author’s charity of choice.
    I’ll have more details on my LGBTQIA+ charity of choice at that time, but I’m super excited for everyone to meet my two main characters, Leif and Russ 
    Max Walker’s is the next story in the Ace’s Wild Series, and is up for pre-order now! You can find it at https://www.amazon.com/Loosen-Up-Aces-Wild-Book-ebook/dp/B07Z8LYSX1
    Other amazing authors in this series so far is Riley Hart and Christina Lee, SE Jakes, Alice Winters, and Devon McCormack. You can find the series page at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YLZGFBT

    I’m super excited to be a part of this, and will share all the details when the book goes up for pre-order on the 25th of October.


    If you have Kindle Unlimited and wanted to read SIR you need to grab it NOW! It’s going wide, to all retailers on the 21st, though it can take a few days to get to the likes of apple or b&n. I’ll post my author page links to those sites because I don’t have the buy-links yet (obviously lol).

    If you follow me at the following retailers, you will/should be notified as soon as appears.

    You can find me at the following profiles:


    SIR will only be available at all retailers for a short time before it goes back into KU!

    I’ll be back on Friday with the cover and pre-order link for Reindeer Games. Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday! News and Updates

    OMG this year is almost over. And can you believe it… this decade is almost over!  Craaaaazy, isn’t it? But with a new decade brings new things, new goals, new milestones. I’m excited but also a little scared, not gonna lie. The world’s political arena at the moment is a horrifying spectacle and I worry about what it means for my kids, and how the new normal is really rather depressing. BUT all doom and gloom aside, adversity brings about change and strength. 2020 will be a good year. I’m determined for it to be my best year yet!

    Okay, so that was a deep and dark beginning LOL  On to brighter things…

    So this week has been busy, but I say that a lot so it’s not anything new. I’ve been trying to get some writing done on my current WIP but man it’s slow-going. Currently at 10K words but I should have had it half done by now. I’m thinking it will be around 50-60K words long, so I have a LONG way to go. I’ll be mostly absent from social media this week as I try and crank out some words.

    It was supposed to be a darker drama style story but one of the characters is kinda funny. Not intentionally funny like Jordan (Upside Down) or Henry (The Weight of It All) but more of a so-awkward-it-hurts kind of funny way. I don’t know… it’s still early days yet, so he might come into his own yet. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll get to know him better as the book progresses 🙂


    I’m so ridiculously excited for this!!  It’s taking a fair chunk of time to get approved but it should be here any day!  You can find me at AUDIBLE and check the day it goes live!!

    Glenn has done such a perfect job of bringing Jordan and Hennessy to life. I can’t wait for you all to hear this!

    And in other audio news…

    I’ve just signed a contract with Tantor for FIVE audios!!!  I’m so excited for this!!

    • Tallowwood
    • The Hate You Drink
    • Private Charter
    • Imago
    • Imagines

    Will be coming out over the next year or so. The narrator will be new, and I’ll share more on this when I can confirm details.  But needless to say I’M VERY EXCITED!! 🙂

    Next Release…

    My next book is called Reindeer Games and it will be out October 29th. Yes, I know it’s a month early, but sometimes schedules need to change. This is a collab with a bunch of other authors for charity call Ace’s Wild Series, and I’m so excited for everyone to meet my boys. Leif and Russ are so sweet, and their story is one of hope and finding someone who understands what’s really important.

    The awesome list of authors and release dates are as follows:

    The third book in the series comes out this week!! You can find the series listing on Amazon HERE and each book will be added to it as they become available.

    Reindeer Games will be up for pre-order on the 25th October with the cover reveal!! Eeeeek!!

    And (yes, there’s one more thing lol)  I’m part of a giveaway for October!!

    October Giveaways!
    📕📘 $50 Gift Card + ebooks Giveaway! 📘📕
    Looking for some captivating reads to keep you company this October? Enter for a chance to win the below! Open internationally.
    ✔️ $50 Amazon (USD) gift card
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    Link to enter: https://forms.gle/d86weK26znA9LFYK8

    Other monthly ERS Giveaways: https://www.elizaraeservices.com/giveaways

    Okay that’s it for this week!  I told you it was busy 😉

    I better manage some words this week or I’ll be pissed. LOL So tune in this time next week to see if I managed to write AT ALL!

    Until then…

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