• Good Morning Monday ~ Beginning 2020 with a Bang!

    I have some very exciting news to share!!  You might have already seen me boasting about this on social media but I wanted to share it here as well…

    Every year, the Goodreads M/M Romance group (some 25,000+ members) hold some awards/polls for their favourites of the year, and I am very honoured to say I won some amazing awards!












    I got All-Time Fave Author of 2019 which is just ridiculous, and amazing, and a little humbling, not gonna lie. Apparently that puts me in the running for Hall of Fame next year, which is even more ridiculous and amazing. LOL
    Tallowwood took a clean sweep, I think, with 1st in all three categories. The surprise for me was SIR taking 1st in the BDSM category. Like wow. LOL It still blows my mind that anyone reads my books at all, so this is all a bit of a mindfuck tbh. LOL
    Anywhooo, the full list of awards:
    All-Time Favorite M/M Author
    1st N.R. Walker
    All-Time Favorite M/M Romance
    Author: N.R. Walker
    2nd Red Dirt Heart
    Best Action/Suspense/Adventure
    Author: N.R. Walker
    1st Tallowwood
    Best Law Enforcement (Cops/Private Investigators)
    Author: N.R. Walker
    1st Tallowwood
    Best Mystery/Whodunit
    Author: N.R. Walker
    1st Tallowwood
    Best BDSM/Kink/Fetish
    Author: N.R. Walker
    1st Sir
    Best White Collar
    Author: N.R. Walker
    1st Upside Down
    Best Hurt/Comfort
    Author: N.R. Walker
    2nd The Hate You Drink
    Best Audiobook Narration of the Year
    Author: N.R. Walker
    3rd (tie) Joel Leslie for Galaxies and Oceans
    Best Humorous
    Author: N.R. Walker
    3rd (tie) Upside Down

    Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted!! And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought, read, and reviewed my books. I’ve been writing for almost a decade now and it still blows my mind that anyone wants to read my words, and saying thank you seems grossly inadequate. But thank you. From the bottom of my heart.




    The audio of SIR is due out any day! It’s been loaded into the system and we’re completely at the hands of the ACX/Audible gods.  Please spare a thought for poor Nick Russo, the amazing narrator, whose only instructions for Sig’s accent was “a touch British, mostly not.”  LOL  The character Sig spent his first 16 years living in 14 different countries, and he’s lived most of his adult life in the US and Italy. So this accent was never going to be easy. But Nick just NAILS it!!

    I will only have the buy link when it goes live, but you can keep an eye out at my AUDIBLE AUTHOR PAGE.

    SIR won first place in the BDSM-Kink category in the M/M awards, so if you’ve been curious, this audio might be for you!


    I now have a title to share with you!  Throwing Hearts is currently at 33K words and probably has 20K to go. I need to finish it before February, so I will be mostly off social media until I can get the first draft done. Throwing Hearts is a sweet and fluffy romance, a bit sexy, and a lot of fun. Will be showing off the cover soon, so stay tuned!!

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday ~ Six Free Books!


    What could possibly better than starting a new year, a new decade, with six free books?? Five other very awesome, talented (and generous) authors are giving away a book each! I know it’s not winter here in Australia, but it is for five out of six authors in the giveaway LOL

    Lane Hayes, Annabelle Jacobs, VL Locey, Garrett Leigh, RJ Scott, and myself, are all involved but it’s only until the 10th so be quick!

    All you need to do is go to this link:



    I’ve had a lot of messages and emails asking if I’m safe from the terrible bushfires that are ripping through Australia right now. Yes, I am, thank you! My region has some smaller fires that are all contained at present, though that could change. But nothing like what other areas are experiencing. These are truly catastrophic fires which have decimated much of our very unique wildlife.

    But thank you all for reaching out to ask. My family and I are all safe. Fingers crossed we get rain and a lot of it!


    Still slow going, but now at 15K words. I need to finish it this month, so I really need a whole lot more words. But life should return to normal (ish) this week so hopefully I can get some writing done. Still not sure on a title yet either though I’m sure that will come later. I’m expecting it to be around 50K words. It’s a sweet and cute romance, set in Brisbane, Australia, and the two main characters are Leo and Merrick.  I can’t wait for you all to meet them!

    I have so many stories I *want* to write after this one haha but I just need to focus and get it done 🙂

    Will see you all next week! Until then…