Good Morning Monday ~ Six Free Books!


What could possibly better than starting a new year, a new decade, with six free books?? Five other very awesome, talented (and generous) authors are giving away a book each! I know it’s not winter here in Australia, but it is for five out of six authors in the giveaway LOL

Lane Hayes, Annabelle Jacobs, VL Locey, Garrett Leigh, RJ Scott, and myself, are all involved but it’s only until the 10th so be quick!

All you need to do is go to this link:



I’ve had a lot of messages and emails asking if I’m safe from the terrible bushfires that are ripping through Australia right now. Yes, I am, thank you! My region has some smaller fires that are all contained at present, though that could change. But nothing like what other areas are experiencing. These are truly catastrophic fires which have decimated much of our very unique wildlife.

But thank you all for reaching out to ask. My family and I are all safe. Fingers crossed we get rain and a lot of it!


Still slow going, but now at 15K words. I need to finish it this month, so I really need a whole lot more words. But life should return to normal (ish) this week so hopefully I can get some writing done. Still not sure on a title yet either though I’m sure that will come later. I’m expecting it to be around 50K words. It’s a sweet and cute romance, set in Brisbane, Australia, and the two main characters are Leo and Merrick.  I can’t wait for you all to meet them!

I have so many stories I *want* to write after this one haha but I just need to focus and get it done 🙂

Will see you all next week! Until then…

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