• Pieces of Us is OUT NOW!!




    Thank you to everyone who has joined Dallas and Justin on this journey, and thank you to everyone who has let me know how much they’ve enjoyed it. Dallas and Justin have found themselves on a lot of ‘best of’ and ‘favourite couples ever’ lists, and I’m truly blown away at the love they’ve received.

    Also, if you’re interested, I’m having a weekend of fun, games and giveaways in my Facebook readers’ group.


  • Good Morning Monday ~ Pieces of Us Preorder Link, Blurb, and Excerpt



    The pre-order is now available!! Amazon has been so unpredictable lately (worse than usual) so I’m opting for a pre-order again. The final book in Dallas and Justin’s story is FINALLY here!!


    Missing Pieces Series, Book Three

    As Justin’s recovery moves forward, Dallas dares to hope their lives are settling into their new normal. His money worries have eased, business is picking up, and best of all, Justin now laughs more than he frowns.

    Justin’s memory still eludes him, but with each snippet or flashback, small pieces of his old life start to slot into place. He remembers more of Dallas and how perfectly happy their lives used to be, and with each passing day, Justin realises he can have that again.

    But when someone from Justin’s past turns up, he discovers that not all the missing pieces are good, and sadly, he and Dallas also learn just what it means to live with a traumatic brain injury.
If Dallas and Justin have to fight for their Happily Ever After, then Dallas will stop at nothing—nothing—to give Justin the life he always wanted.


“. . . as I tried to put the puzzle of myself back together, it was the pieces of us that made me whole.”


    Short and fun little excerpt:

    Juss got up from his seat and sat on my lap. I had to pull my chair out a bit so he could fit, but he just sat right down and put his arm around my shoulder, his forehead pressed to mine. “Remember how you said we choose our own family?”

    I nodded.

    “Well, I’ve chosen mine.” He kissed me soundly. Then he picked up my fork and stabbed some meat and brought it to my lips. “Open wide.”

    I laughed and he shoved the fork in my mouth. “You’re gonna feed me?” I asked.

    “For all the times you helped me, now it’s your turn.”

    He continued to feed me until my plate was empty and he even had some more of his own. It was fun and cute, we laughed a lot, and it had been far too long since we’d done anything fun and cute. The fact that he punctuated every forkful with a kiss made it even better.

    He put the fork down and turned his full attention to me. “You know,” he said with a kiss. “I slept a lot today, so I’m not too tired.”

    I chuckled because I was pretty sure I knew where he was going with this. “Is that so?”

    He kissed me again, a little softer, more playful. “And we did get those test results back.”

    I hummed, not too sure if he was up for anything rigorous. “You’re supposed to be on bed rest.”

    He smiled. “So take me to bed.”



    Super quick WIP update:

    It’s now at 40K words and it’s probably not even halfway done. The two main characters are fabulous. They’re both prickly and they both kinda hate each other right now, but only because they don’t want to admit all the feely-feels.  I can’t wait to share more about it soooooon!!

    Be safe out there in this scary world.

    Much love and happiness!

    Until next week.

  • 🇮🇹 For my Italian readers 🇮🇹 Benvenuti nel Blog hop delle traduzioni italiane LGBT!

    I’m taking part in an Instagram hop with a bunch of awesome LGBTQIA+ authors with translations in Italian! It’s a fun way to hop along to different authors and find some amazing Italian books!

    Benvenuti nel Blog hop delle traduzioni italiane LGBT! È sufficiente cliccare sul nome di ogni autore e lasciare un commento sulla sua pagina per fargli sapere che hai cominciato a seguirlo (o che lo stavi già seguendo), e poi passare al successivo.

    Molti tra gli scrittori di romance LGBTQ prendono parte all’iniziativa e ognuno di loro offre premi tra cui Buono regalo Amazon, ebook e cartacei autografati.

    Scegli un autore dall’elenco e divertiti a scoprirne di nuovi!

    You can check out the masterpost at: rjscott.co.uk/italiane-insta-hop 

    If you’re not aware, my Instagram profile is at: https://www.instagram.com/nrwalkerauthor/

  • Good Morning Monday and a Cover Reveal!

    It’s been quite a week, and this will only be a super short post. I promised a cover reveal (and a title reveal for those who aren’t in my FB readers’ group who already know)… but I’m excited to share the last book in my Missing Pieces Series!! The blurb isn’t edited yet but I’ll share that asap!


    Pieces of Us should be out July 24th. Please know that my lovely editor is laid up with a freshly broken ankle so I may have to push the release back a few days or a week if needed. Real life has to come first, and health is important. If it does look like I may have to reschedule the release, I’ll let everyone know ASAP.

    All three covers together are gorgeous, and the paperbacks of the first two are striking. I can’t wait to have all three together!

    Pretty sure Amazon is still having issues so chances are there will be a pre-order for Pieces of Us, once I’ve ensured that the editing and proofing is all on schedule.

    Audio news!

    After being dicked around by ACX (amazon’s audio platform) for three months, I’ve removed the audio files of Throwing Hearts from ACX and have uploaded them into Findaway Voices (audio distributor).  Australians can’t access ACX directly (I’ve bitched about that before LOL) and I’ve always been lucky enough to have a good friend with a publishing account act as my publisher through ACX, or I’ve had audios done through Tantor.

    Using Findaway Voices allows me to self-pub audios and they distribute to over 40+ stores (scribd, libraries, nook, apple, audible etc). I used them for The Dichotomy of Angels audio and it took 3 weeks for it to be available everywhere. That being said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Throwing Hearts will be out sometime this freaking year. LOL


    But the Audio of Imago is OUT NOW!!



    And the audios of Pieces of You (narrated by Glen Lloyd) and Sixty Five Hours (narrated by Nick Russo) are being done as I type this.  I’m hoping they’ll be out, all things going well, in August/Sept.

    WIP update

    Still slow-going but now at 24K. I do love these characters so much!! And I’ll share some details about them when I get further along – I always worry I’ll jinx myself if I speak too soon 😉

    Please stay safe everyone! It’s a crazy, strange world at the moment. Please stay at home if you can, wash your hands, wear a mask, and be kind to yourself and others. The world needs love.