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  • Free Christmas Book and a 2021 recap!

    It’s been a helluva year, right?  It’s gone past in a mix of slow and a blur, and while I’m reluctant to wish time away, I’m really glad this year is done.

    I’ve been terribly slack with updates but the truth is there isn’t much to update. I’m desperately trying to finish my WIP which is already two months behind schedule. At this point, it will not be released until February 🙁

    But it’s not all doom and gloom LOL

    I have a freebie for you!

    A Soldier’s Wish is FREEEEE for five days!!  I loved writing this book. It kinda flew under the radar and I’d love for people to take a chance with it. If you loved Dearest Milton James, you’ll love this. There are letters between these two men when one goes off to war, and a HEA guaranteed!

    From the 20th December to the 24th, A Soldier’s Wish is FREE!  This promotion is run on Amazon time (PST) , not Australia time, so please keep this in mind. *mwah*





    The year is 1969… Gary Fairchild is proud to be a hippie college student, and he protests the Vietnam War because he believes in love and peace. To him, it isn’t just a counterculture movement—it’s a way of life. When tickets to the Aquarium Exposition—3 Days of Peace & Music, or Woodstock, as it was better known, go on sale, there’s no way he isn’t going.

    Richard Ronsman is a sheltered farm boy who lives in the shadow of his overbearing father. He’s hidden his darkest secret to earn his father’s love, but nothing is ever good enough—not even volunteering for the Vietnam War. And with just a few days left before he’s deployed, he’s invited by a striking hippie to join him at a music festival.

    Three days of music, drugs, rain, mud, and love forged a bond between these two very different men that would shape the rest of their lives. They share dreams and fears, and when Richard is shipped off to war, they share letters and love. For Richard’s first Christmas home, he is gifted a special angel ornament that just might make a soldier’s wish come true.

    I’ve also put together another two Series Collections.

    These are a FAB way to use Kindle Unlimited. You get an entire series for just one borrow!

    Cronin’s Key Series Collection

    All four books in one!



    Imago Series Collection

    Includes Red Dirt Heart Imago as a bonus story!



    And a recap of 2021…

    When I was putting these graphics together, I was honestly surprised by just how much

    I’d accomplished this year. I felt like I was paddling like crazy all year and getting nowhere, so it’s good to see some actual progress.



    I have really appreciated everyone’s words of encouragement and your love and support has really helped, more than you can know.

    I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and festive season! Please stay safe and healthy and we’ll all be back for an even better 2022!

    Much, much love…


  • Good Morning Monday, and a Merry Christmas Eve!

    I know I say this every year, but damn, it just goes by so fast. I swear it just March or April last week LOL   But apparently it is Christmas Eve, and I have houseful of guests, a fridge full of food, and a dent in my credit card to prove it. Also, our Chinese food delivery guy was wearing a Santa suit, so I’m guessing it’s real 😉

    I also spent yesterday afternoon/evening at the emergency dentist, which was not fun. One emergency root canal, an aching jaw, and a swollen face later… But I’m feeling better today, thankfully. I have to go back next week to get a more permanent fix, so no yays there, let me tell you. I mean who in their right mind looks forward going to the dentist knowing you’re in for needles and whatnot. Blah.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards.

    I’ve also given my next release a date!  Cronin’s Key IV – Kennard’s Story will be out January 28th!  All things going well, that is. If anything, it might get pushed back a week, but I am aiming for January 🙂

    If you follow me on social media, you would have seen this…

    I’ll be releasing the cover soon!! Made by the awesome SJ York, it’s a perfect addition to the Cronin series.

    My WIP update:  I’m at 28K words. I’d hoped for more words this week but with kids off school, Christmas preparations, dentist appointments, and other real life crap, it just wasn’t meant to be.

    Still no title, but these guys are adorable. I’m hoping to have some kissing this next week, maybe… unless Jordan’s awkwardness and babbling gets in the way LOL

    But these boys are a joy to write and I can’t wait to share more about them!

    And in some great news, A Soldier’s Wish was voted Book of the Week at LoveBytes Book Reviews!!!

    You can check out the review HERE!

    Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!! Thank you all for being with me throughout 2018, and I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019.  My job as an author is a dream for me, and a responsibility I take seriously. Please know you’re the reason I write, and I couldn’t do this without you!

  • Good Morning Monday ~ A Soldier’s Wish Release Day!

    If you can believe it, it’s December! And it’s RELEASE DAY  of A Soldier’s Wish!

    It’s my first Christmas book involving new characters, and I adored writing their story. At first I worried it wasn’t Christmassy enough – that I might have concentrated too much on the horrors of war and living with PTSD and injury. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas so finding that festive spirit can be a challenge for me. I worried that it wasn’t like those Hallmark Christmas movies everyone loves, and it was a little more Die Hard. LOL   And we all know writers are drowning in doubt and insecurities about their writing, as I most definitely with this one, but I was assured to keep going, to give these two boys their story and their HEA they deserve, and I’m super glad I did.  Richard and Gary definitely deserved their HEA and I’m proud of this book.  <3

    Universal Amazon Link

    A Soldier’s Wish is Book 5 in this anthology/series. BUT they can all be read out of order, and each book is a stand alone. The only thing they have in common is they each come into contact with a special Christmas ornament that has been passed down/lost/found throughout different years and times in history.

    You can find the others at these links, by their amazing author!

    Eli Easton – https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Angel-Book-ebook/dp/B07KQN55X6/
    Kim Fielding – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K684L6C/
    Jordan L Hawk – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KPKJ5KH/
    LA Witt – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K6X2RFW
    Anyta Sunday – https://www.amazon.com/Shrewd-Angel-Christmas-Book-ebook/dp/B07KFDL1L6/
    RJ Scott – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K7S9YG9/

    Also, Private Charter is now out of KU and available for wide distribution!

    Barnes & Noble
    Apple iBooks

    The following links weren’t showing the book at the time of writing this post, but they may be there by the time this post goes live. If not, keep trying because it should be there any day now.

    Google Play

    In other news, I got through my first read-through revisions of Kennard’s Story, and it’s now with some beta readers. It’s 35K words of utter craziness but like all the Cronin stories, it’s a helluva lot of fun!

    And I started a new story!! These boys have been waiting very patiently and I’m excited to write this book for quite some time, and it’s weird because while they’ve been in my head, in the background, slowly filling in their backstory and a few notes on the story I’m supposed to write, I never really *know* them until I start to write. And as it turns out, one of the MC’s is funny. Like how Henry was funny. I’m not saying he’ll be the same as Henry, but he’s adorable already and I’ve snort-laughed a few times in the first chapter. Still early days and it’s untitled at this point and, all things going well, I’ll be aiming for a March release.

    Speaking of releases, I’ll be working on my 2019 schedule this week and will post it here asap.

    And this week, I’ll be starting some pretty cool giveaways in my Readers’ Group on Facebook. In the lead up to Christmas, I want to give some shit away LOL so join in!

    Okay that’s all for now. Much love! <3

  • Good Morning Monday ~ And Excerpt, and It’s Almost December?

    “Um what?” is right. December. Pretty sure it was March yesterday but whatever. Good news this week was that I did manage to finish my first draft of Kennard’s Story! Bad news is I had a techfail and managed to lose a bunch of words and research when my iMac gave my laptop the silent treatment and failed to sync. Actually, it’s more a case of my laptop not listening to iMac. It’s kind of a long story. The short version is the words are gone forever and I’m diving back in today to redo it.

    In other news, it’s only six more days until A Soldier’s Wish is released!! I’m super excited for you all to meet Richard and Gary. They’re adorable guys and totally deserve their HEA. And I thought I’d share a little excerpt from Chapter One…

    This is Gary’s POV…

    I began to study the other folks in the diner. The hippie-hating farmers were still there, sour-faced, scowling in their cups of joe. And there was a young family; I smiled as the kids enjoyed their pancakes. But then there was a guy, by himself, in a booth staring out the window. He was wearing slacks and a sweater. His blond hair was the good ol’ short back and sides. He was so tidy and clean-cut, he couldn’t be anything but military. The duffle bag at his feet confirmed my suspicion.

    U.S. Army.

    Normally I wouldn’t look twice at his type, and Lord knew, his type never looked twice at me. But there was a look of such profound sadness on his face, I couldn’t look away.

    “Gary?” Lyman called my name.

    I turned, not having heard any of what he’d said before. The three of them were watching me. “Hey, I’m just gonna go say hi.” I took my cup of coffee and slid out of the booth.

    “We’re leaving in five,” Kathryn called after me.

    I gave her a nod to let her know I’d heard her and made my way over to the sad army guy. He was still staring out the window, looking like he was fighting tears. “Hey,” I said so as not to scare him. I nodded to the seat opposite him. “Can I join you?”

    He startled anyway and shifted in his seat. “Oh, sure,” he replied.

    I slid in and put my coffee between us. “I was just sitting over there with my friends,” I explained. “I couldn’t help notice.”

    His eyes, so blue, shot to mine. “Notice what?”

    Wow, okay. So that was an overreaction. And over what? What did he think I noticed? He swallowed hard and looked back out the window, a deep blush staining his cheeks.

    I put my hand up. “I couldn’t help but notice you were here alone.”

    He glanced at me again, then kept his eyes on his hands that were now clasped on the table. “Sorry, I… I…” He sighed. “It’s been a helluva day.”

    “It’s early morning.”

    The guy almost smiled, then shook his head. “Feels longer.”

    It was pretty clear he wasn’t having a good day, so I gave him a smile. “My name’s Gary Fairchild.”

    He looked at me then, like really met my eyes. His cheeks pinked up a little. “Nice to meet you, Gary. My name’s Richard Ronsman.”

    Release day will be December 2nd!  I can’t wait for you guys to meet these two <3

    This coming week, I have delusions of grandeur of finishing Kennard’s Story redo, then starting my next book. I’m SUPER excited to start this one. These two boys have been waiting a while for their story to be written, and it should be fun!

    Okay that’s it this week. I hope every one is well, and all my American friends survived Thanksgiving <3  I’ll be posting on Sunday with buylinks for A Soldier’s Wish.

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday ~ Avoidance and distraction, thy name is procrastination!

    Procrastination. I haz it, and I haz it bad. I should have had my current WIP finished two weeks ago. It’s only short – currently 26K words and another 5K should see it done. But can I do it? My brain says no, apparently.

    I should preface this by saying I have actually been doing other work. I’ve managed some accounting stuff, some edits, more edits, formatting and releasing ARCs. I’ve also managed to clean, scrub bathrooms, watch TV (which I don’t normally do), organise shipping of book orders, sooooo much laundry, and a whole range of other things… anything to avoid actually writing.

    I’m pretty sure I know why. The thing I’m supposed to be writing is weird. Actually, it left weird and drove straight to crazy-town. And while the left side of my brain thinks this is awesome, I’m pretty sure the right side of my brain is telling me to pull back. So while there is a civil war in my brain, all else is lost.

    I know I’ve been hellabusy. And I’ve also been/still am sick. I know my productivity for the last twelve months has been crazy. I’ve written and released a LOT of words. Maybe this is my brain’s way of telling me to take a breather. But then not being productive gives me hives. So this is quite the conundrum. It adds to the anxiety and that exacerbates the issue.

    I need someone to *make* me sit down and write this goddamn book. I know I can fix it later. I know I can’t fix a book that isn’t written. I KNOW THIS. But damn, I’m avoiding this ending like I’ve never avoided anything.

    So, I’ve decided I’m going to finish this book this week, or scrap it. That’s what I’ve come down to. I can shelve it for a while if need be. But I can’t keep doing nothing. My next characters are ready and talking to me. I don’t *want* to scrap it, but I need to think of the bigger picture.

    Anyway, we’ll see what my brain lets me do 😉

    So, the ARCS for A Soldier’s Wish were sent out yesterday. This is my first stand alone Christmas book. All my other Christmas stories were short snippets of existing characters but these boys are brand new. A Soldier’s Wish is part of a series with six other authors, where a Christmas angel gets passed down throughout history to help give some guys a nudge into the love they deserve.

    My story involves two guys who meet on their way to Woodstock, before one of them is shipped off to the Vietnam War. It does involve some sad truths about that war, but it’s a love story at heart and hopefully you’ll enjoy their journey towards their HEA.

    It was a joy to write this story. Admittedly, it’s not overly Christmassy, but then again, neither am I. LOL  You can find it on Goodreads,  it will go live on Amazon on December 2nd.

    The Christmas Angel Series page with all the books by these amazing authors can be found on Goodreads HERE 

    In some more exciting news, I have the cover for the Thai translation of Sixty Five Hours!! It’s so cute and fun, and I love it!

    The book will be out later this month. I’ll post links when I have them!

    And I’d love to say thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed Nova Praetorian!!

    It still has the pretty #1 Best-Seller banner in LGBT Historical <3

    And the paperbacks are simply stunning!  The photo doesn’t do it justice.


    Okay, so that’s it for this week! Wish me luck with this bloody book that doesn’t want to be written! LOL

    Until then…

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