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  • Christmas Card Sign-Up!



    I’ve opened up a form for anyone who would like to receive a Christmas card from me! Cards are FREE and will include auto subscription to my author newsletter. Will post internationally. Postage from Australia can be slow at this time of year but I hopeful they’ll arrive in time. Christmas card only, no swag included. 

    Form will close November 25th 2022. 




    Winter Love Promotion!

    There’s a great promo happening right now for Christmas themed romance books! 

    There’s over 50 authors with some amazing books, and some are on sale for 99c so be sure to check them out! 




    My Christmas book this year is Book Three in the Hartbridge series! 

    I will have more info very soon – including the cute cover, release date, buy links and a blurb! 

    You can follow me on Amazon to keep updated on all new releases! 

    That’s all for now! I’ll be back next week with the cover reveal and fun stuff!

    I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe!

    Until then… xx

  • Code Blue Coming Soon – Dearest Milton James Book of the Year TWICE!


    The sequel to Code Red is COMING SOON!

    A huge thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently for this book!  I can’t say too much just yet, but what I can divulge…

    Code Blue is 114K words long

    It’s Jeremy and Steve’s story

    It’s rather different to Code Red

    It’s told from Steve’s point of view

    It should be out late February – date to be confirmed

    I’ll be back soon with the blurb, cover and pre-order link!

    The tagline… Not even the brightest star can shine forever

    Stay tuned for more soon!




    I am so very honoured to announce that Dearest Milton James was named BOOK OF THE YEAR not once, but twice!


    The Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards and Love Bytes Reviews both gave the top award to Malachi and Julian, and all the crew at the Dead Letter Office. 

    I’m so very honoured!  Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted! I’m humbled that this little book touched so many hearts.


    I won a whole basket of awards at the Goodreads M/M Awards, and I’m very proud to show off my badges!

    Seven awards in total!

    Book of the Year! For Dearest Milton James

    Best Contemp/mainstream for Dearest Milton James

    3rd Best Comedy for Dearest Milton James

    Best Main Character for Malachi in Dearest Milton James

    Best Performance/Visual Arts for Code Red

    Best White Collar (tie for first place) for Bossy

    3rd Best Series of all Time for Red Dirt Heart

    I’m honoured and very grateful to all my readers! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has bought, read, and reviewed my books!



    Nick Russo has done a stellar job on this audio!  I’m still waiting for Audible to catch up, but you can find it at the following stores:


    Google Play


    Check your favourite store. Coming to Audible soon!



    That’s all my news for now!  Please stay safe and be kind to yourself!









  • Pride Month Audiobook Blitz!



    I have 23 audiobooks on sale for entire the month of June!

    All of my titles at Findaway Voices are reduced down to just $4.99 each.

    What is Findaway Voices?

    Findaway is the distributor that sends my audios to all platforms. As an Australian, my access to ACX/Audible is restricted but Findaway allows distribution to all stores, including Audible, Scribd, Kobo etc. 

    Findaway Voices also has a direct storefront which allows for direct sales.

    Why is the sale at Findaway Voices and not other retailers?

    I have direct access to, and control of, pricing structure at Findaway. I can amend prices without lengthy delays.

    Is using Findaway Voices difficult?

    Not at all. There are very easy steps outlined on my storefront.





    Title: Code Red

    Word count: 102,500 words

    Genre: Contemporary gay romance

    Publication date: June 24th

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Quick Update on All The Things


    It’s been a few weeks, sorry. Truth is I haven’t had much to report. Life’s been crazy-busy and there hasn’t been much book-wise to talk about.

    My daughter graduates high school this week. Her official last day is Wednesday, then we have two weeks of school holidays, then she will have her final Higher School Certificate exams over the course of October. Yes, exams go for 3-4 weeks here. BUT she has been offered an early-acceptance into university for next year, so her stress levels aren’t anywhere near as high as they could have been. Thank GAWD! She’s been offered a double degree in Law and International Studies at her first choice uni, so she’s stoked. We always said she should be a lawyer because honestly, she was born arguing LOL

    And then my son begins his final year of school as well, and I honestly can’t wait for school to be over. I get asked a lot of I’m sad that my kids are finishing school but seriously no… I am cheering! I need this part of our lives to be over. After 13 years it’s time to move on.

    Okay, onto the book stuff…

    First of all, I want to express my relief that my latest manuscript (more info below) is with my editor (I should have edits this week, hopefully) and I’ve started my Christmas book! I normally don’t do Christmas but I really feeling it this year. I think I needed to write something sweet and fluffy and this book surely delivers. I think after this year, we could all use some sweet and fluffy romance 🙂  It’s currently at 25k words and should be around 40K all up. The two MCs are Ren and Hamish and I just love them to bits.


    OMG Throwing Hearts is FINALLY on Audible.

    F I N A L L Y

    This audio was first submitted to ACX/Audible back in MAY!  Yes, May of this year. That’s how long this argument with ACX has been going on. I was at the point where I was ready to pull the submission and just have it never listed on Audible. And just to explain what kind of nightmare it’s been (and what a shitshow ACX is right now) I received another email just yesterday saying they were declining to approve it AGAIN and then a few hours later, BAM! It magically appears on Audible. They are a hot freaking mess right now.

    But it is THERE!!!







    It’s been distributed to over 40 stores so please check your favourite retailer. Also, if you use your local library you can request this book and listen for FREE!


    The fantasy book I whinged about writing has a name! LOL  Lacuna should be out late October. I don’t have the proper blurb yet so I’ll share that asap. Aaaand as much as it almost killed me to write this book, I’m thinking there will be a second book! Don’t worry, Lacuna has a beginning, middle and end, and honestly, if book 2 never gets written, no one will be mad. But these characters are still a little bit chatty. I’ve had to put them on hold to write my Christmas book but we’ll see if they still want to chat after that…

    I don’t want to give too much away just yet. But I’ve wanted to write this book for years and I worry that I haven’t done it justice. I guess we’ll have wait and see. I will release the cover and blurb at the same time. Hopefully next week!!



    Just a reminder that if you’re on Facebook, you can join in the shenanigans in my readers’ group! There are always giveaways and sneak peeks of what I’m writing and I do share my covers in there first.

    You can find it at MY FACEBOOK READERS’ GROUP


    Much love, guys. Stay safe in this crazy world. 💙💙

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Pieces of You Excerpt


    It’s almost release day for Pieces of You! Just four more days!! So I thought I’d share a little excerpt 🙂

    It’s hard choosing a part of a book that stands on its own without giving too much away, so I hope you enjoy this. It has an angsty beginning, but honestly, this story is about healing and the power of love.

    This is Dallas’ point of view.


    Almost two weeks after his accident, his sister, Rebecca, arrived to see him. She’d caught the early train up from Sydney on the Saturday, and I met her at the entrance of the hospital, to save her trying to find her way through the wards. She looked bone-tired, like all single mums who worked two jobs, but she was relieved to see me. I greeted her with a kiss to the cheek.

    “How is he?”

    “He’s okay. He’s working with the different doctors every day, like the physio and the neuro specialists.”

    “He still can’t remember?”

    “No. He may never regain those years, but we’re hopeful.”

    She stopped walking. “He doesn’t remember you at all?”

    I shook my head.

    “Christ, Dallas. That’s gotta be hard.”

    Hard, awful, excruciating, heartbreaking . . .  “I’m just grateful he’s alive.”

    She frowned. “Sorry I couldn’t get away sooner.”

    “What do you mean, you couldn’t juggle two jobs and two kids to hike a couple hundred kilometres at the drop of a hat?”

    Her face softened, and she gave me a sad smile. “But still . . .”

    “Like I said to you when it happened, he wasn’t in any shape to see you anyway,” I explained. “But he’s getting better every day. He can see out of both eyes now.”

    “Oh God.”

    I brightened for her. “Come on. I told him I was going to find you. He was excited about you visiting, so we better not keep him waiting.”

    I took her bag for her, and together we walked to Justin’s room. “Ugh, I hate hospitals,” she mumbled as we got closer.

    Yep, even after all these days, all the hours, I never got used to the smell. It was cloying and awful. The neuro ward was quieter than most, and darker. Most patients here had noise and light sensitivities, Justin included.

    I stopped her at the door. “He doesn’t do too good with loud noises or bright lights. His headaches are bad, and he has aphasia, which is trouble remembering some words. But if he asks questions, be honest. He knows he has amnesia but it’s confusing, so if he mentions anything that doesn’t quite gel, we need to gently steer him back on course.”

    “Okay,” she whispered, then took an unsteady breath.

    I nodded to his room. “He’s waiting.”

    I’d explained his injuries to Rebecca before, but nothing quite prepared you for seeing your loved one in a hospital bed all bandaged and bruised.

    The bed was slightly inclined so he was kind of sitting up. He had his injured leg out from under the blankets again, his lines of staples on full display. The matching scar on his head was bandaged, and I was thankful Rebecca didn’t have to see that. But the right side of his face was now a horror show of black, purple, green, and yellow. His right eye was open. Though it was bloodshot, he thankfully still had vision.

    He’d had tests on his vision and hearing, focusing on the right side, where the most damage was, and the docs were pleasantly surprised to find all circuitry was still intact. Though when the doc had shone a penlight in his right eye, Justin had puked on him as thanks. He said it felt like the light pierced his brain and the pain was unbearable. He’d shaken and moaned, curling in on himself, and it was a short, sharp reminder of his injuries.

    But yeah, while I knew it was bad, I was so used to seeing him lying in bed all banged up that I’d forgotten the shock it was for others. Rebecca put her hand to her mouth and got all teary. “Holy shit,” she cried.

    Justin looked at her, then looked again. His smile was wide. “Becca?”

    She went to him and hugged him carefully, and she fussed over him and he stared up at her like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing . . .

    And it occurred to me, like a jolt to the heart, what the difference was.

    He remembered her.

    He was, for the first time since he woke up, seeing someone he remembered, seeing someone he knew.

    And it wasn’t me.





    Also, thank you for the kind messages in the last couple of weeks. A few people have messaged and that means a lot. A super quick update: my current WIP (book three in the Missing Pieces Series) is at 28K. I’m going to miss my deadline but it is what it is.

    I’ll be back on the 22nd with the buylink for Pieces of You!

    Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Tallowwood Cover and Blurb Reveal!

    Last week I promised to share the cover and blurb for Tallowwood, so wait no more!

    This amazing cover is by Reese Dante. I had originally played around with the cover myself but something was missing and I couldn’t get it quite right. Conceding defeat, I passed it off to Reese and HOLY MOLY she nailed it!! Guys, check this out…


    Cold cases, murder, lies, and an unimaginable truth.
    Sydney detective August Shaw has spent the last decade of work solving cold cases. Since the death of his boyfriend eight years ago, August works alone, lives alone, is alone — and that’s exactly how he likes it. His work is his entire life, and he’s convinced a string of unsolved cold-case suicides are linked to what could be Australia’s worst ever serial killer. Problem is, no one believes him.
    Senior Constable Jacob Porter loves his life in the small town of Tallowwood in the middle of the rainforests in northern New South Wales. He runs summer camps for the local Indigenous kids, plays rugby with his mates, has a close family, and he’s the local LGBTQIA+ Liaison and the Indigenous Liaison Officer.
    When human remains are found in the camping grounds at Tallowwood Reserve, Jake’s new case turns out to be linked to August’s cold cases, and Jake agrees they’re not suicides at all. With Jacob now firmly in August’s corner, they face one hurdle after another, even when more remains are found, they still can’t seem to gain ground.
    But when the body of a fellow police officer turns up under the same MO, it can’t be ignored anymore. August and Jake must trace the untraceable before the killer takes his next victim or before he stops one of them, permanently.


    Release date: September 25th

    I cannot wait for you to meet August and Jacob. They would have to be two of my favourite characters I’ve ever written. Which is a pretty big call. I probably say that with most characters when I’m writing their book, but these guys are special to me. I hope you love them too!


    Oh my GAWWWWD, I finally finished the first draft of my WIP from hell. LOL  It ended up at 40K words, and took weeks longer than it should have. But it’s finally done!!!

    Release date will be early December. I know I’ve been having around 8 weeks between releases, but this will be approx 9-10 weeks from Tallowwood to this new one. It’s just how it worked out with schedules etc.


    Nova Praetorian is OUT NOW!

    You can find it at AUDIBLE  

    And it’s already whispersynced. Which means if you bought the ebook, you can grab the audio for just $3.47usd. And that’s an absolute bargain!



    This week I’m headed to the Hunter Valley to spend a few days with Nic Starr, a fabulous and talented Aussie m/m author. There will be writing, reading, wine, and laughs, and I’m sooooo looking forward to it. I’m feeling burned out and this will be just what I need to recharge my batteries.

    I have to fix my first draft of the WIP from hell, and sort out some proofing revisions of Tallowwood. I’m also working on a super short extra fun scene as a giveaway later this month. And maybe I’ll start doing some research for my next novel… I know right? Lather, rinse, repeat. It never ends! But it is STILL the best job in the world.

    Until next week!


  • Good Morning Sunday ~ Wait, What? Freebies and Other Things

    Yes, I know… you’re getting this a day early, but there are things that are time-sensitive so I figured I’d live a little dangerously and send this out Sunday instead of Monday. LOL

    First things first…  FREE BOOKS.  Yes, free books. There’s a whole stack, and you can download them, easy peasy.   Awesome books from amazing authors of LGBTQIA+ romance!!

    Act quickly though because this fab deal is only good for two days, January 19 and 20!

    All you need to do is to click on this link to ProlificWorks (it used to be called Instafreebie) and check out the amazing authors and their books they’re giving away

    Lucky – Garrett Leigh
    Flashbulb – Clare London
    Summer Heat ARC – Jay Northcote
    Changing Lines – Rj Scott & V.L Locey
    Cronin’s Key – N.r. Walker
    Quentin Heart: Vampire Hunter – Amber Kell
    Crooked Tree Ranch – Rj Scott
    Play On: A Glasgow Lads Novella – Avery Cockburn
    Farm Fresh – Naked Organics Book 1 – Posy Roberts
    How to Howl at the Moon – Eli Easton
    Knit Quick – Annabeth Albert
    Colorado Hitch – Sara SJ York
    The Altered – Annabelle Jacobs
    Scorched Haven – Amy Lane
    Goaltender’s Penalty – V.L. Locey

    Yes, I’m GIVING AWAY copies of Cronin’s Key – just in time for Kennard’s Story to be released later this week! GRAB IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT ALREADY!!

    Other news of timely importance

    Private Charter will be leaving wide distribution and heading back into KU very soon. If you haven’t grabbed it, now is your chance!!



    Nova Praetorian will be leaving Kindle Unlimited in the next few days and will be available at all major retailers asap!!  If you’re a KU user, now is your last chance to grab it!!

    Universal Amazon Link

    Are you ready for some excited rainbow vomit?? LOL  Because I also have FOUR books up for voting for BOOK OF 2018 at Love Bytes – yes, four!!

    You can check that poll out HERE if you’re so inclined to vote. You can choose as many as you like, but you can only vote once <3


    I am so excited to share this…
    I’ve shared this in my Facebook groups already, but now for you guys…
    As you may know, I’ve had to remove all my paperbacks from Createspace and move them to IngramSpark (because Amazon is a mofo) but the cover I had done for Sixty Five Hours (in 2015) wouldn’t comply because Ingram is a lot harder to please lol.
    Sooooo, I had to have the cover redone. This book has had its fair share of covers since 2011 (not all of them great) and I wanted to give Cameron and Luc the cover they deserve. And who else better to make a forever-cover than that amazing Reese Dante 
    And it’s absolutely perfect!!
    Things to know:
    ⭐️ There is NO new content (from the 2015 version)
    ⭐️ The ebook will stay FREE – new cover to be uploaded at all sites asap!
    ⭐️ Paperbacks will be available soon! And they are priced as low as I can possibly make them
    ⭐️ I have two signings coming up and if you’ve pre-ordered the Sixty Five Hours paperback, it will be the NEW cover – unless you t
    ell me you want the old one.
    ⭐️ I’m so in love with this, you have no idea omg. I will post the wrap cover in the comments because it’s SO freaking awesome!

    The new covers should start appearing in the next few days!


    Kennard’s Story is out this week!! OMG I’m so excited!!  It was so great to spend time with these guys again – I will post buy links asap!!  Also, ARCs will be going out today or tomorrow… whenever I can get them done!

    Other news…

    My WIP is now complete. Upside Down is now 66K words and I’ll be sending it out to beta readers this week! Eeeeek!!

    What’s next is undecided… whether it’s the angsty addiction characters, or the angel/devil comedy, I can’t decide. They’re still competing for centre stage in my head.  It will more than likely be the angsty one…

    My 2019 schedule (subject to change) now looks like this:

    Jan 28th – Kennard’s Story

    Late March – Upside Down

    Late May – Angsty addiction story

    Late June – Angel/devil story

    Late August – beginning of a cop/cold case trilogy to be released up until Christmas or something like that, idk.

    Okay, that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with the buy links for Kennard’s Story!!  Eeeeeek! So excited!!!

    Until then….  <3


  • Good Morning Monday! A Cover Reveal, A Deadline, and a Chest Infection

    Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, minus the chest/lung infection, that is. It’s not that bad… I only cough every time I breathe. 😉  My doc gave me some antibiotics and told me to rest (obviously doesn’t know that rest doesn’t apply to a working mum LOL)  Though I am trying to take it easy/easier. This infection has also brought on a spike of chronic fatigue which is a double whammy. Basically I’m too tired to get better. LOL  Fingers crossed I see an improvement this week. I’m leaving on Friday for a four day trip to Brisbane with my daughter, my sister, and my niece. Which would have been fab if I wasn’t hacking up a lung every other minute. I’m sure I’ll be feeling better by then…

    My next release!

    Anywhooooo, I mentioned a cover reveal!! Woo hoooo! I love doing these. It is for my Christmas story, called A Soldier’s Wish. But the big reveal isn’t here today. The big reveal is happening on My Fiction Nook   on the 5th November. I know it’s technically the 5th of November here in Australia but we know all dates and timezones for these things are set default to the US.  So you’ll have to wait a day. This is part of the Christmas Angel anthology – seven authors, seven different stories involving one Christmas Angel ornament that gets handed down throughout history.


    The Christmas Angel Series

    In 1750, a master woodcarver poured all his unrequited love, passion, and longing into his masterpiece—a gorgeous Christmas angel for his beloved’s tree. When the man he loved tossed the angel away without a second thought, a miracle happened. The angel was found by another who brought the woodcarver True Love.

    Since then, the angel has been passed down, sold, lost and found, but its magic remains. Read the romances inspired by (and perhaps nudged along by) the Christmas Angel through the years. Whether it’s the 1700’s England (Eli Easton), 1880’s New York (Kim Fielding), the turn-of-the-century (Jordan L. Hawk), post World War II (L.A. Witt), Vietnam-era (N.R. Walker), the 1990’s (Anyta Sunday), or 2018 (RJ Scott), the Christmas Angel has a way of landing on the trees of lonely men who need its blessing for a very Merry Christmas and forever HEA.

    Christmas Angel (Book #1) – Eli Easton

    Summerfield’s Angel (Book #2) – Kim Fielding…/sh…/41718433-summerfield-s-angel

    The Magician’s Angel (Book #3) – Jordan L. Hawk…/s…/41718440-the-magician-s-angel

    Christmas Homecoming (Book #4) – Lori Gallagher Witt…/s…/41718469-christmas-homecoming

    A Soldier’s Wish (Book #5) – N.r. Walker…/show/41730466-a-soldier-s-wish

    Shrewd Angel (Book #6) – Anyta Sunday

    Christmas Prince (Book #7) – Rj Scott…/show/41718495-christmas-prince

    The books can be read in any order. They are all completely standalones. They are only tied together with a common theme. You can read one, or all seven. And you know you want to read all seven, right???  😉

    Mine is set in Woodstock and Vietnam. Gary and Richard are two characters I simply adored writing. This is my first ever full length standalone Christmas story. Christmas is not really something I get into much (bahumbug, and all that) and I did worry that this wasn’t very Christmassy, but my pre-readers said it passed the Christmas test.  The book will be released on December 2nd and will go straight into KU. It is 55,000 words long and follows these boys from when they meet going to Woodstock and the two years that follow.

    I hope everyone enjoys reading their story as much as I did writing it! <3


    Nova Praetorian has been out a week now and the feedback I’ve had has been really positive. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this book. I know historicals aren’t for everyone – I knew that before I wrote it. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Quintus and Kaeso remain one of my favourite couples I’ve ever written, and I’m very proud of this book.

    Universal buylink

    My WIP update:

    I’m currently 22K words into my newest venture. If you were at GRL or saw a few clues on social media, my current WIP is Kennard’s story from my Cronin’s Key series.  Yes, Kennard and Stas are getting their story! It’s only going to be shorter (under 30K words) but there’s crazy adventures abound, because as well know, history is never what it seems! 😉

    And I can honestly say I have NO clue what’s going to happen is this book. I never plan anything and this is one crazy ride. I’m just as keen to see where it all goes as anyone else! LOL I really want to finish it this week. As I mentioned, I’m going away on Friday for 4-5 days and I’d love to get the first draft finished before I leave. Not sure how possible that is considering every time I add a chapter, something crazier happens. Let me just say, that Eiji is in his element here. The weirder it is, the more he loves it. <3

    Okay folks, that’s it for this week. I’ll be away next Monday so there might not be a post next week. Don’t miss me too much 😉

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday!! And a Cover Reveal for Private Charter 😍

    Hello all!!  Holy crap it’s been one helluva busy week. I know I say that every week, but damn… One day I’ll have a spare minute or two to just breathe. LOL

    On the writing front, my WIP is at 80,000 words and realistically, there’s 8-10K to go. I am going to finish it this week. DO YOU HEAR THAT UNIVERSE?? *shakes fist at the sky* I AM GOING TO FINISH IT THIS WEEK! lol

    So I mentioned (very briefly) on Facebook about this damned WIP so I can now tell you this: It is set in the ancient Roman era. My main characters are Quintus and Kaeso. Quintus is a lanista (owner of a gladiator school) and he finds himself playing body guard to an ambitious senator. It is there he finds himself the charge of a slave named Kaeso. And love, treason and violence ensues. LOL

    The research I’ve done/am doing for this books is extensive. Even more, probably, than what I did for the Cronin Key series.  Yep. THAT much research. I’m mostly being cautious with words/dialogue for that era. For example, the characters can’t even say ‘yes or no’ because etymologically speaking, those words didn’t appear until around the 1400s in England. It would be the same as reading a Victorian period piece and having the main character say ‘G’day mate’ – It just wouldn’t have happened.  LOL Now, of course I’ve taken some liberties – because the book isn’t written in Latin LOL. But I’m *trying* to get the phrasing and vernacular as close as I can.

    If I can do it justice, only time will tell.

    The title is Nova Praetorian, and it should be out in October, all things going well and depending on how much work it needs. Which will be a lot. I’m not under any delusion about that. 😉

    This week I’ve also completed the first round edits for Private Charter.  This lovely little story, full of sailing, sunshine, and sex is due out in just 4 weeks.  I know, right?? That came around really fast. Sooooo, it’s about time I showed off this GORGEOUS cover from Book Cover Zone! Oh, alright – and the blurb too 😉


    Stuart Jenner’s job is high stress, high stakes, and everything he’s strived for. So why, when the apex of his career is within reach, does he stumble? At his doctor’s insistence, he books a privately chartered yacht to sail around the Whitsundays for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex. When his friend-with-benefits bails on him at the last minute, Stuart decides to go alone.

    Foster Knight left the rat race behind six years ago, bought a yacht, and now calls the Great Barrier Reef his home. Sailing tourists around tropical waters is all in a day’s work, and he’s never been happier. When his next client arrives alone, the two-week charter will be the most private job he’s ever had.

    Foster can see how stressed and exhausted Stuart is, and he promises him extensive rest and relaxation. Stuart slowly realises his original plan for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex might not be lost yet. Confined to a yacht, isolated by aqua-coloured oceans and the sweltering sun, Stuart and Foster are about to find out just how hot the tropics can get.


    Eeeeeeeeeek!!!  So. Much. Fun!  I loved writing this book. It is 100% pure sunshine, tequila shots, and scorching sex. And just what you need to read to take a break from the worries of the world right now!

    I can’t wait for you all to meet Stuart and Foster.  Oh, and Stuart wears white Speedos. White, see-through Speedos. And Foster didn’t stand a chance hahaha

    That’s it for this week guys!! So so so much love to you and yours.

    Until next week! <3

  • Good Morning Monday! How on earth is it April already??

    I hope everyone had a great Easter, if you celebrate it. If not, I hope you enjoy the discounted chocolate that’s in every store afterwards 🙂

    It was another super busy week! I got some feedback and proofing edits for Evolved, which was incredibly fast. And all my proofers have LOVED it, so that makes me feel so much better about it. It’s always daunting to get that first feedback…

    In case you missed the cover reveal last week, here it is again!


    In 2068, androids are an integrated part of human life. Big Brother no longer just watches from the shadows. It’s in every household.

    Lloyd Salter has OCD issues with noise, mess, and he’s uncomfortable with human interaction. When his ex claimed the only thing perfect enough to live up to his standards was an android, Lloyd dismissed it. But two years later, after much self-assessment, he thinks he may have been right.

    SATinc is the largest manufacturer of androids in Australia, including the Fully Compatible Units known as an A-Class 10. Their latest design is the Synthetic Human Android UNit, otherwise known as SHAUN.

    Shaun is compatible to Lloyd’s every need; the perfect fit on an intellectual and physical basis. But Lloyd soon realises Shaun’s not like other A-Class androids. He learns. He adapts. Sure that SATinc is aware Shaun functions outside of his programmed parameters, Lloyd must find a way to keep Shaun safe.

    No one can know how special Shaun is. No one can know he’s evolved.

    I certainly can’t wait for the world to meet Shaun!!! <3

    I’ve also trudged through the first read-through of the first draft of Galaxies & Oceans, and have sent it off to some beta-readers. I think the timing might be a little off in the first part of the book so I’m asking for some second opinions.

    It’s currently 86K words and I’m still hoping to have it out in June! I found this pic online and I just love it – it’s kinda perfect for Patrick and Aubrey <3

    In exciting news, I’m hoping to start my newest book this week – well, notes at least. Maybe a chapter or two.  I found a cover online that sparked a rabid little plot bunny and despite not being on my writing schedule, these are the characters currently talking to me, so they get to go next 🙂

    It will be called Private Charter. I’m not expecting it to be overly long, maybe 40K? But I’ve said that before 😉  It will be hot and steamy, and I can’t wait to start it!

    Oh, and in audio news, BREAKING POINT (Book 2 in the Turning Point Series) should be out very soon!! I’ll post the buy link as soon as it hits! I’ve heard the proof and all I can say is Sean Crisden freakin’ NAILS his portrayal of Matt. Oh boy… So good!

    And SPENCER COHEN BOOK 2 is up for pre-order and will be out April 10th!!! And as always, Joel does a stellar job! His interpretation of Spencer is utter perfection!

    So, that’s it for this week!! Next week I will be in Sydney for the Sydney Author Event. I’m not an attending author, but I will be there to help the very lovely Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine <3  But I will hope to do my Monday post… it might be a little late though. There should be photos though!! I can’t wait!

    Until then! <3

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