• Another new cover!!

      So I’ve had a lot of new covers lately 🙂  Totally Bound gave me eight new covers for my existing titles, and I’ve had new covers made for my free reads as well. Well, I’ve shown off Learning To Feel’s new cover, I’m waiting for the brilliant Mina to work her magic on Sixty Five Hour (Eeeeek! Can. Not. Wait)  but I kind of forgot about His Grandfather’s Watch… So, while I should have been doing taxes and edits, I got playing around in PicMonkey  (best tool for procrastination, everrrrrr)  and made this little cover myself. 🙂  There is no new content added to the story, just a pretty…

  • Free Read

    I added a 19K story for you to see if you like what I write. Check out my Free-Reads page. The wonderful banner was made by Brenda Gibson. She loves this story, even though it makes her cry, enough to gift me with the gorgeous picture. And it was Edited by Bridgette Stanford, who so readily gives up her time for me.  I hope you enjoy reading this story of two couples, generations apart.