Another new cover!!


So I’ve had a lot of new covers lately 🙂  Totally Bound gave me eight new covers for my existing titles, and I’ve had new covers made for my free reads as well. Well, I’ve shown off Learning To Feel’s new cover, I’m waiting for the brilliant Mina to work her magic on Sixty Five Hour (Eeeeek! Can. Not. Wait)  but I kind of forgot about His Grandfather’s Watch…

So, while I should have been doing taxes and edits, I got playing around in PicMonkey  (best tool for procrastination, everrrrrr)  and made this little cover myself. 🙂  There is no new content added to the story, just a pretty new cover.


HGW 1333x2000

I have put the book on Amazon, and like Learning to Feel, I’m waiting on Amazon to make it free. Apparently I need it to be free on larger sites like B&N or Apple before Amazon will take it seriously. Sites like All Romance eBooks isn’t good enough, according to Amazon. And, the problem with this is, to get books on B&N etc through Smashwords can take up to a week.

I’ll post the links anyway, but please remember it’s FREE. Don’t pay the .99c Amazon insists I price the book at. So until Amazon reduce the price, I would suggest downloading from All Romance eBooks or Smashwords.



All Romance eBooks


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