Sixty Five Hours New Cover!!

Like Learning to Feel and His Grandfather’s Watch, Sixty Five Hours has a pretty new cover!  And like Learning to Feel, the lovely and talented Mina Rivera made it for me, and I love it!


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I’ve uploaded the new cover in to All Romance eBooks (Link is HERE)  and I’ve uploaded the book into Smashwords (Link is HERE) but it will take up to a week for the book to appear on sites like B&N, Kobo or Apple, where it will be FREE.

I have also submitted the book to Amazon (link is HERE) where it is live BUT it won’t be free on Amazon until they price match it. For Learning to Feel and His Grandfather’s Watch, this took almost two weeks. So please don’t pay for the book. It’s FREE. Check out the links to ARe and Smashwords, and until Amazon list it as free, I can’t promote the book there.

In other cover news, I’ll have Cronin’s Key III bright and shiny new cover to share soon! <3



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