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  • Code Blue Cover and Blurb Reveal!

    The sequel to Code Red is ALMOST HERE!

    I’m so in love with this cover, and I may be a little bit biased because I made it LOL. It took a long time to get it right but I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

    Code Blue is 115,000 words long, and it was so much fun to spend time with the Atrous boys again. Code Blue is the second book in the Atrous Series. The books should be read in order so if you haven’t read Code Red, I’d suggest starting there. It’s told from Steve’s point of view, the way Code Red was told from Roscoe’s.

    I’m excited for everyone to read it and I sincerely hope you love Steve and Jeremy’s story. You can pre-order it now!

    Release day is FEBRUARY 24TH




    Steve Frost had dreams of wearing the national championship belt in mixed martial arts, maybe even going pro, but instead, finds himself working as a security guard for the rich and famous in LA.

    Quickly earning a reputation for his blunt and precise people management skills, he lands a position on the security team for an up-and-coming boyband, Atrous. Years later, he’s head of security. He knows these boys, and with countless tours, flights, car trips, public events, concerts, he’s closer to one band member in particular.

    Jeremy’s been a pillar for Atrous since day one, but even more so these last few months. Now the face of the band more than ever, he’s also got himself the attention of a delusional stalker-fan.

    When the fame and stress become too much, when Jeremy’s health takes a hit, Steve becomes Jeremy’s lifeline. But as Jeremy knows already, and as Steve is about to learn, not even the brightest star can shine forever.


    Nick Russo has done a stellar job on this audio!  You can find it at the following stores:



    Google Play



    It’s available everywhere so please check your favourite store!


    The Christmas Wish List audiobook is fabulous, and I just adore Glen’s work with my characters. Still waiting for Audible to catch up, but you can find it at the following stores:


    Google Play



    I really appreciate your patience with Audible.



    Für meine deutschen Leser!

    Tom muss erkennen, dass er zwar Cooper etwas über Architektur beibringen kann, Cooper ihn aber dafür auch zurück ins Leben holt – und zur Liebe.


    Pour mes lecteurs français…

    Traductions révisées !

    La traduction a été révisée et rééditée. Je vous remercie de la patience dont vous faites preuve à mon égard, en veillant à la qualité de mes traductions.

    Cold Case
    et une vérité impossible



    I’ve just finished my current WIP. It’s a nice, short 40K word story, a lot of fun, sweet and hot. It’s been great for my brain to do something shorter. It should be out in April, and I can NOT wait for you guys to meet Fergus and Davo. I adore them!


    That’s all for now!!  Please take care and be safe.


  • Good Morning Monday ~ The Cover Reveal of Evolved!

    Man, it’s almost April. The mornings are cooler here now, and the sun sets a little earlier, so it’s getting harder to ignore that the year is really pressing on. It’s kinda crazy how fast it seems to go now, it’s like one book release after another. Which is not a bad thing 😉

    So in WIP news, I finished Galaxies and Oceans!!  OMG it truly felt like the manuscript that would never end. LOL!!  It finished at 84.5K words, though this week will be spent going back over it and fixing/adding/deleting so there’s no saying what the final word count will be. But Aubrey and Patrick’s story is down, at least, in first draft form. I’m still aiming for a June release, all things going well, and I will keep you all posted on progress.

    I do have an amazing cover to show off! Evolved is coming out in under four weeks!!  *flails*  and I can NOT wait for everyone to meet Lloyd and Shaun. It’s a different kind of story, given that Shaun isn’t human. And it is sci-fi, but mostly it’s just romance. Shaun is an android, but he’s more human than most people. I know that sounds weird, but by the year 2068, humans  have retreated to living mostly digital lives, where relationships are online and are somewhat clinical. Along comes Shaun, who is programmed to feel, so there is something very human about how he adapts to life with Lloyd in the physical, non-digital life. Anyway, I’ll let the readers’ decide if they agree with that 😉

    So, enough explanations…

    The cover was made by the super-talented Reese Dante. And it is so utterly perfect, I just can’t even deal. LOL  I am so in love with this cover, and I’m sure you can see why…


    In 2068, androids are an integrated part of human life. Big Brother no longer just watches from the shadows. It’s in every household.

    Lloyd Salter has OCD issues with noise, mess, and he’s uncomfortable with human interaction. When his ex claimed the only thing perfect enough to live up to his standards was an android, Lloyd dismissed it. But two years later, after much self-assessment, he thinks he may have been right.

    SATinc is the largest manufacturer of androids in Australia, including the Fully Compatible Units known as an A-Class 10. Their latest design is the Synthetic Human Android UNit, otherwise known as SHAUN.

    Shaun is compatible to Lloyd’s every need; the perfect fit on an intellectual and physical basis. But Lloyd soon realises Shaun’s not like other A-Class androids. He learns. He adapts. Sure that SATinc is aware Shaun functions outside of his programmed parameters, Lloyd must find a way to keep Shaun safe.

    No one can know how special Shaun is. No one can know he’s evolved.


    And before you can ask, yes, the binary does spell something. Of course it does!! LOL  It spells EVOLVED  🙂

    Release date is April 23rd!!  So not far away at all!!

    And in case you missed my mid-week post, Three’s Company was re-released on the 22nd. I now have all my books back under my creative control, meaning, all my titles are now self-published under my name – and I’m so freakin’ happy!!  Not including my translated titles, that is. But I’m very happy to have all my books back <3

    Global Buy Link

    So that’s it for this week! Next week is Easter, so if you celebrate, I wish you all the very best!  I should be posting next Monday, unless I’m in a chocolate coma… keep your fingers crossed LOL

    This week I’m hoping to have the first draft of Galaxies and Oceans whipped into shape and then I can start thinking about which story to write next! Ah, the possibilities of a new book. You know, I sure do love writing the words The End, but writing Chapter One is pretty freaking cool too.

    Until then… <3

  • Three’s Company is OUT NOW!!

    Finally!  Three’s Company is now live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

    The global link (for all Amazon stores) is


    When he started looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones. 

    After Wilson Curtis was publicly outed, his restaurant business left in tatters, and dumped by his closeted boyfriend, he goes to Key West alone. There he meets Simon Stanford and Adam Preston. Fascinated by this couple, he is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.
    But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly, and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.
    When it comes time for Wil to leave, with tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the physical attraction and the foolish misunderstandings is the realization these three men aren’t ready to say goodbye.
    Wil soon learns that love isn’t always conventional, and the only thing better than giving your heart to one man, is giving it to two.


    Please note: This new edition has been re-edited and re-covered, though no new content has been added since the 2015 edition.

  • Good Morning Monday! Wowza, what a week!

    Actually, it’s been two weeks since I posted. And a HUGE thank you to the few people who emailed me to see if I was okay! *hugs you all*  Yes, I’m fine – was just away from home last week so couldn’t do my usual weekly update.

    I was in Melbourne for an Ed Sheeran concert, which was great!  I had three teens with me LOL so there was a lot of shopping, but we had the best time. 🙂

    Despite all the traveling (driving 4 hours then flying for 1.5 hours each way to get there) and being gone for 5 days, and being ridiculously busy when I got home, I did manage to get some writing done this week. My WIP, called Galaxies and Oceans, is at 73K words and I probably have 10K to go. Well, I’m hoping. I’d LOVE to get the first draft done this week. Though I don’t think that’ll be happening, considering I spent most of the day at the hospital with my son for a suspected broken ankle. Don’t worry, he’s completely FINE – except being super pissed and disappointed at having to miss a tennis and a basketball tournament this month. *sigh*

    This week is the re-release of Three’s Company!! It’s very coincidental that I get the rights back on my birthday (March 21st) to my very last book with a publisher. From then, all books will be self-published (not all translated titles or audios, obv). It’s like the universe is giving me a little present! 🙂

    I’m sure I’ve shown off the amazing cover, but if anyone missed it before, here it is again!

    New buy links will be posted as soon as the book goes live. It will take a few days for Amazon to verify the republication, but I’ll post the links asap.

    I also have a release date for Evolved!! Get your Kindles ready for April 23rd!! It will be exclusive to Amazon first up. I’ll be sharing the AMAZING cover and blurb with you next week, so stay tuned!!

    Oh, and just a heads up that On Davis Row will be on sale for just 99c from around the 5th of April for about a week. The sale will/should be on all sites (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, etc).  It will be a part of a Bookbub deal, so if you’ve been holding off on buying it, wait a little while longer and grab yourself a bargain!

    Okay, so that’s it for this week! Take care, until then!! <3


  • Good Morning Monday! And a Cover Reveal!

    Hello Monday!! You guys know I love Monday’s right? They’re my favourite day of the week; after a loud and busy weekend, my hubs goes to work and my kids go to school, and my house is back to blessed silence. I do try and set weekly goals for work stuff, but they don’t always pan out. Last week, I didn’t get the word count I would have liked but I did get some editing done and other admin type stuff so it wasn’t a complete loss.

    My WIP word count is now at 53K and it’s going okay. I have some pacing concerns which I’ll probably need to address but I want to get the first draft finished before I worry about that. I’m thinking there’s maybe 20K to go? Not sure. Patrick and Aubrey are all kinds of lovely and I can’t wait for you folks to meet them!

    Now, for that cover reveal…

    Three’s Company has been out for years. For six years, to be exact. I get the rights back from the publisher on March 21st and as I’ll be self publishing it, it will go live again asap. I really enjoyed revisiting Wil, Adam, and Simon while re-doing edits. I’d forgotten how much I loved them.

    So the story is unchanged from its 2015 edition, though it has been re-edited and it has a gorgeous new cover. Reese Dante did the original 2012 cover and I loved it, so I asked her to recreate it, and she did! And as you can see, it’s awesome!

    The blurb has been tweaked a bit too!

    When he started looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones. 

    After Wilson Curtis was publicly outed, his restaurant business left in tatters, and dumped by his closeted boyfriend, he goes to Key West alone. There he meets Simon Stanford and Adam Preston. Fascinated by this couple, he is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

    But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly, and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

    When it comes time for Wil to leave, with tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the physical attraction and the foolish misunderstandings is the realization these three men aren’t ready to say goodbye.

    Wil soon learns that love isn’t always conventional, and the only thing better than giving your heart to one man, is giving it to two.

    I’ll have the buy links up as soon as I can!

    Along with all my other books, I’ve now added my Blind Faith series back into KU, while taking On Davis Row out. It’s good to keep cycling books around to give everyone a chance to read.

    You can find Blind Faith on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.

    You can find On Davis Row at




    In audio news…

    Red Dirt Heart 4 is out now!!! You can find it at Audible!

    And Spencer Cohen Book One is up for pre-order on Audible, due out on the 6th!

    Oh, I almost forgot!! If you want a FREE copy of Elements of Retrofit you can sign up to the Gay Romance Readers Club! It’s super easy, and every month you’ll get a newsletter with a link to a free book!!  How awesome is that! March is my month, so hurry to grab your copy of Elements of Retrofit now!!

    You can check it out HERE!!

    Okay folks, that’s it for today 🙂 I’ll try and post next week though I will be in Melbourne so I may not get time! Until then…


  • Nine New Covers Reveals!!

    I have LOTS of new covers to show off!  Nine to be exact!!

    I made the decision for my books currently listed with Totally Bound to stay with them, instead of me self-publishing them. Totally Bound is rebranding their LGBTQ section to now fall under Pride Publishing, and to celebrate the launch of this new press, they’re revamping existing titles.

    Not only do my books get new covers, but I’ve also added some additional content to them! (NOTE:  My Turning Point Series will NOT include additional content, but Elements of Retrofit, Clarity of Lines, Sense of Place, Three’s Company, and Taxes and TARDIS will.) And they will be re-released throughout August, available in ebook and paperback at the same time (apparently).

    This new content is generally added to the end of the book, not integrated throughout. So, in my Thomas Elkin Series, we have approximately 2000 words at the end of each book added, and finally Cooper gets to have his say! That’s right, each book has a small chapter of Cooper POV. 🙂

    Three’s Company has both a prologue and an epilogue.  The short prologue (1500 words) is told from Simon’s POV, and the epilogue (3300 words) is back to Wil’s POV. 🙂

    Taxes and TARDIS now has a gorgeous little epilogue (2000 words), which was probably my favourite additional content to write.  I think everyone will agree when they read it. 🙂

    The Turning Point Series doesn’t include any additional content. In my heart, these stories are complete. The three books have a combined word count of 220,000, and trying to add more to Matt and Kira’s story felt forced and wrong.  I struggled with what to do for four weeks before I finally decided not to do those boys an injustice by adding content that would detract from their story.

    From my understanding, anyone who purchased my titles originally from Totally Bound will be able to download the updated books for free.

    So, without further adieu, the covers…













    I also received my cover for the Italian translation of Blindside! OMG it’s gorgeous! And will be available for purchase on July 7th.


    And in other cover news, I have had the lovely Sara York resizing my paperback covers to all now be 5×8, not the 6×9 they were previously and any/all formatting issues will be fixed. Cronin’s Key I & II are already available in 5×8, but I’m awaiting proofs of my RDH series and Blind Faith series before I let them go live. I will advise when this happens, and will be adding an order form to my website if anyone would like a signed copy. You will be able to pay for them through PayPal. 🙂

    Aaaaand, lastly (but super excitedly) I will be giving Sixty Five Hours and Learning to Feel new covers as well. The very talented Mina has graciously agreed to help me give these books new covers. I thought it was very fitting that a friend I have known since my fandom days is giving my ex-fandom books new life 🙂  I will share pics when I have them!!!

    Soooo, I think revealing 9 covers at once is pretty amazing and I hope you like them.  <3 <3

  • Three’s Company Give-Away

    To celebrate the release of Three’s Company, I’ll be giving away a copy to one lucky reader! 

    Being menage themed, and given all good things come in three, I think it’s only fair I have a post about the number trios!  

    So, because it’s three days until release day, I want my readers to answer the following question:

    What’s your fantasy/dream Menage you’d like to be a fly on the wall to watch?

    Post your answer in the comments below for your chance to win!

    I’ll be notifying the lucky winner and sending out Three’s Company as soon as the book hits Silver’s shelves on the 27th.  (I’m on Australian time, so give or take a few, k?)

    Thanks to all my loyal readers who’ve stuck with me thus far. I hope you love Wil, Adam and Simon and enjoy their story.


  • Three’s Company Excerpt

    Excerpt ~~~ 

    On the third day, by late afternoon I found myself back at the bar. Sure, I’d chatted with other guys, but I kept coming back to my favorite bartender. I knew he was taken, but there was something about him that just drew me in. He joked and laughed, and even when some other guys tried to strike up conversation, I preferred to stay and talk to Adam.

    “So what’s your story?” he asked with a laugh as he handed me a beer. “You come to a gay hotel alone, you don’t drink much, and when that guy tried to pick you up just now, you declined?”

    I blinked at him. “Pick me up?” I looked back at the guy who’d just left the bar and sure enough, he was talking to someone else and seemed to be having better luck. “Oh. I hope I didn’t offend him.”

    That only made Adam laugh louder and shake his head. “Oh, Wil, you are a doll.”

    Simon walked in behind the bar and grinned at Adam. “What’s so funny?”

    “Oh, hey,” Adam greeted him warmly. “Wil here was just making me laugh.”

    Simon looked at me, then at Adam, and they seemed to have some silent exchange before Simon kissed him, then looked back at me and smiled. “So, Wil…” He trailed off.

    I stared at them. I still wasn’t used to seeing two men kiss in front of me. Sure, I’d seen porn. I’d seen movies, but it’d never happened right in front of me. “Um, yeah?”

    Simon walked around to my side of the bar and sat on a stool at the end, a few feet from me. “Do you dance?”

    “Do I what?”

    Adam laughed, making me look at him. He nodded pointedly over my shoulder toward the open foyer where there were people dancing.

    Couples, slow dancing.


    Men slow dancing with other men. Oh, my God… I’d never seen anything like it. Not in front of me, not with my own two eyes.

    I looked back at Adam, then Simon. The amazement must have been obvious on my face because they both grinned at me. “Uh, n-n-no,” I stammered. “No, I don’t dance.”

    “That’s a shame,” Adam said wistfully. I finished my beer. I kept looking over my shoulder to the dancing men. They were… mesmerizing.

    Simon cleared his throat, making me look at him. “So,” he said slowly, “what brought you to Key West?”

    I sighed and Adam served me a fresh bottle of beer. I took a sip and a deep breath, and then I told them. I told them everything.

    How my life in Dalton had gone to hell. My quiet, peaceful, boring, closeted life wasn’t so closeted anymore.

    How one comment was all it took to end everything. Well, one comment, inquisitive minds, and the grapevine that was Dalton. Quiet whispers spread like wildfire and the small town was having none of it.

    I explained how I had been sitting at a table in the bar with the guys I always had a beer with after work when two guys I’d gone to high school with spotted me. They were drunk and even more obnoxious than they’d been ten years before. As they’d stumbled past our table, they’d seen me and laughed.

    “Look, it’s the kitchen fairy,” one said and the other man corrected him, “You mean it’s the kitchen fag.”

    I’d laughed them off as redneck losers who didn’t have an IQ between them higher than their boot size, and the other guys kind of laughed too. But Rod didn’t. He just sat there.

    “Deputy to the Chief of Police, Rod Mackey, just fucking sat there.”

    “Who’s Rod?” Adam asked.

    “The guy I’d been seeing,” I said quietly. “Secretly. For two years.”

    “Two years?” Simon asked. “And he didn’t say anything?”

    I shook my head. “We were all hush-hush. No one knew we were gay, let alone seeing each other.”

    Both Simon and Adam stared at me.

    I sighed again. “So the man who should have said something just sat there. Even out of his uniform, it wouldn’t have seemed out of place if he’d reprimanded those two assholes. In uniform, he should have reprimanded them.” I took another pull of my beer. “But he couldn’t. Or so he told me afterward. He called me later that night to tell me we were over. He couldn’t risk it, he said. He told me if he’d made a scene with those two guys in the bar, it would have looked suspicious.”

    Adam’s eyes narrowed, and Simon huffed. “What did the other guys at the table do?”

    “John and Danny thought it was suspicious Rod didn’tsay something. They called him on it, asking if he’d gone soft, and he just sat there.” I shook my head. “He didn’t know where to look. He certainly didn’t look at me.”

    “What happened after that?” Adam asked quietly.
    “They just sat back and blinked a few times, looking at me. I tried to shrug it off, saying I’d always been pegged as different in high school because I’d never played football. I’m a chef. So fucking what?”

    “You’re a chef?” Simon asked.

    I nodded.” Yep.”

    Adam looked at me, concerned. “What did those guys do? Those John and Danny guys… did they hurt you?”

    “What?” Hurt me? “No, nothing like that,” I reassured him. “No, they just sat there, finished their beers and without so much as another word, they got up and left. I saw it in their eyes, that they’d put it together; I’d never had a girlfriend, never hooked up with girls…” I shook my head slowly as I remembered. “Then Rod sat there for a beat too long, snatched his coat off the back of his chair and followed them, while I sat there, wondering what the hell had just happened.”

    I finished my beer and told them, “The next day, when I’d gone to the store to collect my daily order of fresh produce, old Mr Bryant refused to serve ‘my type’.”

    “Your type?” Simon repeated.

    I nodded. “That would be gay.”

    “Oh my God,” Simon whispered.

    Adam handed me another beer—my third—and I took a drink. “To say I was shocked is an understatement, but then it went downhill as the day went on. We had people canceling reservations, and some just not show up.” I barked out a laugh, though it was anything but funny. “One group who did have the courtesy to call and cancel told Callie—she’s my best friend and second chef—it was because they didn’t want to catch being gay from my food.”

    Of all the ridiculous, ludicrous, hurtful things.

    “I’m really sorry,” Adam said quietly.

    I looked at the blond man. He had an expression of genuine regret on his face, as if it was something he understood. I gave him a sad smile. “It wasn’t the names they called me that bothered me the most. It wasn’t even the fact Rod dumped me. It was the fact my restaurant, my business, was leverage.”

    Simon stood up and walked behind the bar, kissed the side of Adam’s head, whispered something in his ear, and Adam smiled.

    Adam walked around to my side of the bar and grabbed my hand. “Come on,” he said. And without giving me a chance to argue, he pulled me to my feet.

    “What are you doing?”

    Adam laughed. “You’re going to dance.”

    “Here?” I asked incredulously. We were standing at the bar! I turned to look at the other men who were dancing, only to find them gone. “But no one else is dancing,” I told him, and he looked at me and grinned.

    “And no one else can see us,” he said simply.

    Realizing he wasn’t going to let me get out of dancing, I spun around to look at Adam’s boyfriend. “Um… Simon…”

    Adam slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “Simon doesn’t mind, believe me.”

    He was an inch or two shorter than my six foot one height, but I could feel his chest against mine and his hands on my back, holding me to him. I could feel the heat of his body, I could smell him… and then Adam started to move his feet, just side to side in a swaying motion. I’d never danced with a man before, much less slow danced with a man while his boyfriend watched.

    It was heady. I’d only had three beers but my head was swimming.

    I could feel Simon’s gaze on me and found myself looking back at him. It was obviously okay for Adam to dance with another man because Simon looked rather pleased. In fact, he looked a little smug.

    When he walked over to us, I froze. But he stepped right up to us and kissed Adam soundly, and I gasped in shock. Holy hell, it was one thing to see a man kiss another man, but to see two men kiss when one of them had his arms around me… Jesus…

    Simon walked away, and Adam tightened his embrace and whispered into my neck, “Is this okay?”
    All I could do was nod.

    “Does it feel good?”

    My heart was hammering, and I nodded.

    “Did what’s-his-name ever make you feel good?”

    I didn’t bother correcting his name. Did Rod ever make me feel good? Did I come? Yes. But did he ever make me feel desired? Wanted? Well, no… no, he didn’t.

    I must have taken too long to answer because Adam stopped moving and pulled back to look at me. “Did he?”

    I shook my head. “No. Not really.”

    Adam pulled me against him again and shook his head. “Now that’s a terrible shame.”

    I noticed then that Simon was turning off lights, closing and locking doors, and when the music stopped, I figured the dance was over.

    But Adam never stopped moving. In fact, he held me tighter.

    I could feel his fingers dig into my skin, and I could feel his body against me. I could feel him, all of him. I had no doubt he could feel me, feel what he did to me, how hard I was. And when he snaked his hand down my back, over my ass and pulled our hips together, I knew he could feel how hard I was.

    Then Simon was next to us. I should have been alarmed, but I wasn’t. And when he put his arm on my lower back, I should have shied away, but I didn’t.

    I welcomed it.

    And when Simon stepped behind me, slowly pressing against my back, I should have said stop. But I didn’t.

    I moaned.

    Adam pulled back a little to look me in the eyes. He never spoke. He didn’t have to. But he was silently asking me if this was okay, if I wanted him to stop. So I dug my fingers into his skin to hold him a little tighter as my answer. He smiled then trailed his lips over my neck, kissing over my jaw, and asked with a gruff whisper, “What do you want? What do you want to feel?”

    The words were out before I could stop them. “I want to feel desired… wanted.”

    Simon’s hands moved to my hips and his lips came close to my ear. “We can show you what that feels like.”

    As both men pressed against me, sandwiching me while Adam kissed my exposed neck, my head fell back onto Simon’s shoulder. I uncurled my arm from around Adam’s back to pull my room key from my pocket. I tried to find the words to tell them what I wanted, what I needed, but I was panting and could only say one word.


    * * * * 

    Three’s Company will be released on 27th October with Silver Publishing. You can find it HERE!!

  • When did October happen?

    I have been a complete blog fail. I know… real life blah blah blah.  Somehow, amid the aforementioned never ending real-life-blah-blah-blah, September came and went and then October arrived without my knowing. 

    But that’s okay… Because October is release month for Three’s Company!  

    WOO HOO!!

    I’ll be honest here. When I wrote it, I didn’t love it. The characters, yes. I adored them (Simon in particular) but by the end of it, trying to tell their story was like pulling teeth. And in the writing game, that never fares well. But I finished it, subbed it and went on to write other things, putting that story and those three boys to the back of my mind. 

    Well, last night I did the final round edits, and in doing so, I re-read it.  And I have to say… I kinda forgot how good it was. 

    I’m not saying my writing is awesome, by any means, but I simply forgot how much I loved those three boys.

    So I’ll do a little recap for you, and start with a few pictures I used as inspiration for the characters. 

    Here’s Wil

    Here’s Adam

    And this is Simon

    The blurb…

    After being publically outed and his restaurant business in tatters, instead of vacationing with his lover, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone. He meets Simon and Adam and is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

    But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

    When it comes time for Wil to leave, with outside tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the misunderstandings and lack of communication, is the realization these three men aren’t ready to say goodbye.

    I’ll be posting teasers as we get closer to the 27th so you get taste of their story.

    I can’t wait for you all to meet these boys…


  • Three’s Company

    The amazingly talented Reese Dante has done it again!!

    Three’s Company has been gifted with an absolutely gorgeous cover.

    It really is perfect for these three boys. That’s definitely Adam in the middle. LOL  

    Though it’s still 7 weeks away, countdown to release day has begun.  October 28th will be here before we know it!

    In other news, Blind Faith has a release date of January 26th. I’m 15K into the sequel. I can’t wait for everyone to meet these boys. 

    I also have some exciting news about some free-reads, but more on that when I know more. It might be a lovely little Christmas present to all my wonderful readers. 🙂 

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