• Good Morning Monday! What’s news this week…

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    My apologies for missing last week’s post – I was away (kids’ tennis, again) and we were that busy, I didn’t even take my laptop out of my bag.  We actually had a weekend at home this weekend! OMG they’re a rarity these days, it’s just a shame the entire time was spent doing housework and other mundane, real-life chores (the glamorous life of an author/mother LOL).

    This week, Spencer Cohen Book One came off Kindle Unlimited. His 90 day exclusivity to Amazon ended, so he’s also now available at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords and Apple, and has been approved for distribution to B&N, so I’ll post that link asap.

    The Italian translation of Red Dirt Heart comes out this week! And even the title, Cuore di Terra Rossa, is gorgeous. I will post the links as soon as I have them!


    I do love my Italian publisher, and highly recommend them to all my author friends. Triskell Edizioni have been wonderful to me, very professional and they love their authors. I can’t praise them enough. I have actually just signed the Spencer Cohen Series to be translated, and my Italian readers can expect to see them early next year. <3

    In GRL news, my flights are booked and our itinerary is done! My family and I will be doing four weeks of touring the US and briefly into Canada (for three days lol) before GRL. I know the timing isn’t perfect, and I’ll be exhausted going into GRL, but it couldn’t be helped. My husband has a work conference on in Las Vegas mid-September, which left a four week gap in between.  So, instead of coming home for those four weeks, we are seeing Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, San Fran and LA, then finally on to Kansas City.

    I’m busy getting the family part organised, while ignoring everything else I need to think about (like swag lol) for  GRL.  But don’t forget, if you want me to have signed books at GRL for you, you MUST pre-order them. You can find the order form HERE – and you have until September 1st to pay for them. 🙂

    Blood & Milk is still on schedule for June 23rd.  I have sent it to more beta-readers, with a different perspective on race and religion to me, looking for any possible red-flags, while my editor is working on it.  In case you missed the cover reveal I did two days ago, here is the gorgeous cover Sara York made me. I found the photo of Damu ages ago and *had* to have it. Sara made it pretty for me 🙂


    And on a different note, I’ve just finished my second week (sixth session) of crossfit. Everything hurts, but the pain is getting better. Kind of. LOL  I do feel better for it though, even if my thighs feel like there are knives stabbing them and my arms are like cooked spaghetti.  >.<

    So, until next week…


  • Good Morning Monday! An outtake and a Kindle Unlimited Update.

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    Wow, these Mondays are coming around fast! Another busy week has gone by, and an even busier week ahead for me, but I remind myself that busy is productive… and exhausting and enough to drive me crazy LOL but here I am!

    First, to celebrate getting the rights back to, and the re-release of Starting Point, I have added an outtake to my blog. You can read it HERE or find it in the Menu under Outtakes 🙂

    Now for the Kindle Unlimited update. I have had quite a few readers contact me in the last few weeks asking if any of my older books will ever be added to KU. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of it, I don’t know why.  About a year ago, I added my Blind Faith books to KU, given they were first released in 2012, and found them being read/borrowed/bought with a vengeance – which was fab! I can’t deny they found me new readers.  So after these readers asked me about putting some other books on KU, I decided to add my Cronin’s Key trilogy to KU.  They’ve been a little stagnant on other sites for a while, so here’s hoping they’ll find their way onto some Kindles they might not have otherwise.

    I’m still debating adding my Red Dirt Heart Series to KU. Given it was released two years ago (OMG can you believe that?) it makes sense to broaden their readership.  If I do add them to KU, I’ll have to do it soon – the ninety day cycle will end a month or so before I leave for the US, so I’ll be suuuuper busy with other things then and won’t really have the time to worry about re-adding books back to all other platforms.

    At this point, Cronin’s Key will only be doing one cycle (90 days) on KU then will go back to other sites. This will depend on their success of course. If the KU market makes it viable for them to stay for a second cycle, then they will.

    So, as of right now and for the next three months, the only place you can find the Cronin’s Key trilogy, is Amazon.

    That being said, I’ve nominated my Spencer Cohen series to NOT do another cycle on KU. So, as their 90 day KU cycles expires, they’ll be added to all other platforms.  Spencer One is June 14 (or thereabouts) Spencer Two is July 19, and Spencer Three is August 21.

    And now for some translation news!  Cronin’s Key 1 will be out in French later this month!   And, Red Dirt Heart will be out in Italian later this month also!! *twirls* Red Dirt Heart will also be out in French later this year! I will post links when I have them 🙂

    Until next week…  <3

  • Good Morning Monday!

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    My second Good Morning Monday post in a row!  Look at me go! LOL

    So, this last week as been fairly productive. My word count on Spencer 3 is now at 38K, and I’m thinking there will be approx 10K to go. I have also done first round edits on Spencer 2, tweaked a few things in Spencer 1 before getting ARCs ready and formatting. I’ve also pre-read, proof-read and read for fun! 🙂

    I also have some more info on my 2016 writing/release schedule. Please bear in mind this can, and probably will, change. Sometimes things outside our realm of control happen, and sometimes other characters decide their story will be told before someone else’s.  But as of today, 2016 looks like this:

    Spencer Cohen, Book One – Feb 18th
    Spencer Cohen, Book Two – March 17th
    Spencer Cohen, Book Three – April 21st
    Romance/angst book with Maasai warrior/white Aussie guy – possibly June/July
    Romance book with overweight guy/personal trainer guy – possibly Aug/Sept
    Romance/angst book of two guys switched at birth – possibly Nov
    And I might also do a short follow up to Ten in the Bin as well at some point.

    Please note I’ve not given any tentative titles to books after my Spencer Cohen Series. I will share the actual titles when I have them, and when/if the actual books are written. I once mentioned the title of a book I wanted to write, and the next day it was on Goodreads. And they wouldn’t remove it. I tried explaining the book hadn’t even been written, but alas, they still wouldn’t take it down. *sigh* Ah, good ol’ Goodreads. Never fails to dismay.  LOL But all jokes aside, I now don’t give titles unless they’re the final thing.  Not even working titles, not tentative titles.

    Oh, and the above schedule doesn’t include translations – I will be having six translated titles this year, I believe.  Red Dirt Heart 1 into French, Red Dirt Heart 1 &2 into Italian, and my Cronin’s Key series into French also.

    In other news, I will have the rights to Starting Point return to me in April.  This will be re-released with a new cover probably early May.  The rest of the Turning Point Series will stay with Pride Publishing until mid to late next year 🙂

    Speaking of Pride Publishing, my friend S.A. McAuley has the last book of her series out tomorrow!!!  If you’ve not read the Border’s War Series, you must grab it now!  It’s a  M/M futuristic/apocalyptic thriller/romance. You can get the first book for FREE, and the second book for just .99c.  I can’t rave about these books enough: the characters, the political complexities, the plot…. THE PLOT, PEOPLE!  There is so much plot! LOL  I just love Merq and Armise.

    You can grab them from Pride Publishing HERE

    Borders War Series

    Until next week…  <3

  • À Jamais (Twelfth of Never) is out

    Twelfth of Never is now out on Amazon as À Jamais.

    Twelfth Night 2

    Will Parkinson est avec Mark Gattison depuis cinq ans, et, d’après ses propres mots, il n’y a jamais un seul moment ennuyeux. Will a toujours été le sérieux, le seul responsable. Mark est l’homme-enfant irresponsable qui n’aime rien de plus que faire sourire les gens.
    Mais Will souffre pour quelque chose que Mark ne lui donne pas.
    Jusqu’à ce qu’il le fasse.
    Rejoignez Will, Mark, Carter, Isaac et Brady, Hannah et sa famille (et quelques invités spéciaux pour Noël) et ayez un joyeux « à jamais ».

    Translations for the rest of the series can be found here and here.


  • French Translation of Blindside ~ Confiance Aveuglé – Tome 3

    For my wonderful French readers, I have the best news!  The translation of Blindside is now available! And it still has the gorgeous Mark on the cover <3


    Mark Gattison a évité l’amour et l’engagement durant toute sa vie d’adulte. Pas intéressé par quelque chose de plus qu’un coup d’un soir ou une brève rencontre dans une arrière-salle, il est l’incarnation du bon vivant. Will Parkinson est l’homme qui le défend, l’homme qui le comprend, l’homme que Mark appelle son meilleur ami. Quand Will devient perturbé et un peu distant, Mark décide de lui trouver un petit ami. Peu familier avec le concept lui-même, Mark pense que Will a besoin de quelqu’un qui le rende heureux. Ce que Mark ne sait pas, c’est qu’il est sur le point d’être surpris. Il est sur le point de se faire renverser par la seule chose qui se tenait juste sous son nez depuis le début.




    And I will post links to Apple and B&N when they become available.

  • Focus on my Translations

    Just a reminder that I have some of my books translated into Italian and French.


    coverfiducia (1)
    Click on Cover to buy at Amazon

    Carter Reece, veterinario, inizia un nuovo lavoro in una nuova città e risponde alla chiamata a domicilio di un cliente molto speciale.
    Arrogante, lunatico e assolutamente splendido, Isaac Brannigan è cieco da quando ha otto anni. Dopo la morte di Rosie, suo cane guida e sua migliore amica, non riesce a collaborare con il suo nuovo cane, Brady.

    Carter cercherà quindi di aiutare l’uomo e l’animale nella fase iniziale del loro rapporto. Ma la domanda è: chi conduce chi?

    Paw Print Symbol

    attraverso questi occhi
    Click on cover to buy at Amazon

    Sei mesi dopo aver lasciato Carter Reece e Isaac Branningan, li ritroviamo ancora insieme e molto innamorati.
    I due vanno avanti con la loro vita, emozionati dall’arrivo di una nipotina, fino a quando degli eventi inattesi non minacciano il loro futuro.
    A Isaac accade qualcosa che lo spaventa molto e il mondo di Carter inizia a vacillare. Le cose si fanno ancora più complicate con l’entrata in scena di Joshua, il nuovo collega di Isaac.
    Mentre Isaac lotta per ottenere ciò che vuole, le sue azioni rischiano di costargli ciò di cui ha più bisogno.

    Paw Print Symbol

    Click on the cover to buy at Amazon

    Mark Gattison ha evitato per tutta la sua vita da adulto l’amore e il concetto di impegno. Non è mai stato interessato a niente più che alle avventure di una notte o a brevi incontri nelle cabine dei bagni, ed è il perfetto esempio di uno che sa come divertirsi.

    Will Parkinson è il ragazzo che lo difende, che lo tollera, e colui che Mark definisce il suo migliore amico.
    Quando Will diventa instabile e un po’ distante, Mark si impegna per trovargli un fidanzato. Non avendo familiarità con il concetto, pensa che Will abbia bisogno di qualcuno che lo renda felice.
    Ciò che Mark non sa è che sta per essere preso alla sprovvista. Sta per essere mandato KO dalla cosa che ha avuto sotto gli occhi per tutto il tempo.

    Paw Print Symbol


    Click on cover to buy at Amazon

    Commençant un nouvel emploi dans une nouvelle ville, le vétérinaire Carter Reece se rend à une consultation à domicile pour un client spécial.

    Arrogant, avec un mauvais caractère mais totalement magnifique, Isaac Brannigan est aveugle depuis l’âge de huit ans. Après la mort de sa chienne-guide et meilleure amie Rosie, son partenariat avec son nouveau chien, Brady ne se passe pas bien.

    Carter tente d’aider à la fois le maître et le chien à traverser cette phase d’initiation, mais au juste… Qui dirige qui ?

    Paw Print Symbol

    Click on cover to buy at Amazon

    Six mois après notre dernière rencontre avec Carter Reece et Isaac Brannigan, ils sont toujours aussi amoureux. Vivant ensemble, allant de l’avant, la vie pour ces deux hommes est agréable jusqu’à ce que certains évènements se produisent et changent leurs vies. Isaac redevient l’homme qu’il était et le monde de Carter commence à se désagréger. Les choses deviennent de plus en plus compliquées et commencent à changer pour les deux hommes quand le nouveau collègue d’Isaac fait son apparition.

    Tandis qu’Isaac lutte pour ce qu’il veut vraiment, cela pourrait bien lui coûter ce dont il a le plus besoin.

    Paw Print Symbol


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